Duke University Admissions

Duke University is a private research university founded by Quakers and Methodists in the modern-day town of Trinity in 1838. The university owns 220 buildings on 8,470 acres of land, and is divided into four main areas: East, West, and Central campuses and the Medical Center. The universities professional and graduate schools include the School of Law, Divinity School, School of Public policy, School of medicine, Pratt School of Engineering, and the School of Nursing.

Official website: duke.edu

Admission To-Do List

  • Apply for early decision or regular decision
  • School of Engineering
  • Must apply to Trinity College of Arts and Sciences or Pratt
  • Application for Admission $85
  • Application 500-word personal essay
  • Submit Common Application or Universal College


Personal Statement
“As an undergraduate, I have taken particular interest in the structural frameworks within which society’s institutions confront recurring moral and ethical problems". “As a little girl with olive skin, long black hair and large, dark but definitively non-western eyes, I was constantly subjected to the fascinated stars and inquiries of people curious about my nationality." See more

Application Deadlines

January 5
Fall, Undergraduate
January 5
Fall, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Annabeth Gish


Grant Hill

Basketball Player

Advice on Personal Statement for Duke University Admissions

First of all, the personal statement should be just what it says, personal, in the sense that it should be something that only that individual student himself/herself could write. Though opinions vary, in general, the statement should seek to connect the writer with the law school application. This is not to suggest that it should be an “I want to go to law school because”.... piece but it probably will be more useful to an admissions committee if they can gain a sense of why the student is applying to law school Applicants should write an essay that is no more than two pages long typed and double-spaced. It needs to attract the attention of the reader without being gimmicky and using cliches. The personal statement should be able to help the reader get to know you at a more personal level. The opening paragraph should contain a sentence at the beginning that makes the reader immediately want to know more about you. The essay should not have a title, should not include a quote, and should not be written in the third person. Other things to avoid is using the passive voice, using footnotes, do not compare yourself to other applicants, and to avoid talking about the law, instead, focus completely on yourself. Writing the best personal statement advice is to follow the best and latest templates. The PS can be started effectively by focusing more on the advantages being offered. Let’s say, how the writer can help a buyer or what it can do for them. Adding the genuine reasons to buy the services can make the difference indeed. However, it’s not as more straightforward as you think. Duke University has a certain criteria for personal statements that you need to follow.