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PhD EPFL Application Writing Help

EPFL is one of the top ranked teaching and research universities that attracts many students around the glove. They have played a big impact in delivering incredible education for students. They have many EPFL PhD programs to offer that will meet the needs and wants of their students. Many opportunities are open to students the time they become art of the EPFL University. Excellent education, superb learning environment, exceptional curriculum, experienced faculties and incredible facilities are available.

EPFL PhD Programs

EPFL is not only a top ranked institution but they are also leading in delivering various PhD programs. They provide programs in economics, industry, political science and much more. Students are assured to receive the best education and learning in the school. The doctoral programs that they offer are among the highest international ranked programs. Their programs blend innovation and technology together to create interdisciplinary researches that will be innovative.

These are some of the programs they are currently offering:

  • Molecular Life Sciences. It aims at helping doctoral students become leaders in biological research. It combines tradition with innovation. Thus, you will be able to work with traditional lab methods as well as coursework, technological platforms, and assist to international and national conferences.
  • Architecture and Sciences of the City. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines social sciences with architecture.
  • Finance. If you want to pursue an academic career and you are strongly attracted to research, this program is for you. You will be able to research econometrics, pricing, economics, and many other financial areas.
  • Digital Humanities. This program targets humanities and social sciences students, as well as engineers, mathematicians, and computer and data scientists. They provide an opportunity to do research on a broad range of areas like music, art, history, social computing, machine learning, data science, and a lot more.
  • Photonics. They have over 100 international students working at their campus. It is one of the most popular programs, and you will be able to research a broad range of subjects like bioimaging, nanophotonics, quantum optics, fiber optics, etc.
  • Robotics, Control and Intelligent Systems. It provides students with the necessary tools to understand cyber-physical systems. Once you finish this program, you will have gained a deep understanding of system-oriented science and engineering.

The Application Process in EPFL

If you want to submit a PhD EPFL application, you will need to make sure you write down the important dates when you have to deliver your papers. Also, the application process in EPFL has several steps that you need to make sure you follow to ensure your application is perfect. Thus, do not forget to write down the deadlines and these steps to guarantee your application goes through easily.

  • The first step of your application is to fill out the online application form. You will find it on their site.
  • As part of the online application, there are some EPFL PhD application requirements that you need to meet. And, you will also have to provide several documents.
  • You will need to submit: statement of objectives, a copy of your ID or passport, official diplomas and grades from all the colleges you include in your application, and certified translations of your diplomas if they are written in a language that is not English, German, French, or Italian. Bear in mind that the translation has to be into English.
  • You will also have to provide contact details for three references that will be able to write you a recommendation letter.
  • If you apply for more than one program, you will have to submit an application form for each program you are applying to.
  • And, remember to meet the deadlines. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the next academic year.

EPFL PhD Application Requirements

Generally, EPFL application must be completed before the deadline. Depending on the chosen programs of students, they should submit the documents by its fixed deadline. The admission is competitive so ensure to prepare all essential requirements. Here is the list that students should submit!

  • Fill out online application form
  • Official transcript of grades and diplomas from academic universities attended
  • Translated certificate of grades and diplomas in English
  • Personal statement or statement of objectives
  • Copy of official identity or passport that shows students full name
  • Three letters of recommendation ( each of the recommendation consists an additional letter with referee’s comments and form to be filled out by student’s referee)

Note: after the submission of all documents, students are asked to validate their application. The applicant’s application will only be considered upon validation.

Applying for a PhD Program

If you want to apply for a PhD program you should take a lot of things into account. For example, you will have to investigate the research quality of the college, as well as their international ranking. All of these stats will help you make the right choice.

  • Did you know that almost 80% of a college’s score is based on how many PhDs they have awarded? Doctoral students are vital for keeping a university’s rank high. So keep this in mind when applying for a program. It will help you tailor your admission essay.
  • You will have to analyze subject rankings rather than international rankings when choosing a college. This will help you see how well does that college performs in research. Look for the specific subject of your research area and compare several colleges.
  • An interesting fact is that some PhD programs do not require a master’s degree. Shock? We bet. This means that if you want to apply for a PhD program, read all the requirements in advance. You may be able to apply with your undergraduate degree along with relevant work experience.
  • When choosing a PhD program, you will have to contact the academic staff. They may not be willing to take you as a doctoral student depending on your research interests. So sending them an email in advance will help you avoid getting frustrated because some colleges rejected you.

Writing a EPFL PhD Personal Statement

To become part of the EPFL PhD program, applicants need to make one of a kind personal statement. Writing the essay is not as easy as applying because you need to show what you have and why you are the best. If you want to increase and impress the committee that you are worth to have, start to get help from professional writers online. They have the experience in delivering a high quality of personal statement that will meet your expectations and ensure your slot at EPFL University.

To help you with your EPFL PhD application process, we have created a list to show you how to write a PhD personal statement. Since it is one of the most important papers for your application, you need to be sure you know how to do it. Otherwise, your application may not get the results you expected. Check these useful tips to learn how to write a statement of purpose for PhD EPFL.

  • Your PhD personal statement should include relevant information about yourself. It has to set you apart from the competition. So make sure you write an original and unique essay.
  • Avoid clichés as they will not bring any relevant information to your essay. They will only demonstrate that you have a limited vocabulary and poor writing skills.
  • Make sure you highlight your research interests. This should be the main focus of your PhD personal statement. It should align, however, with what the university offers.
  • Mention your academic background and career experience. Describe how these help you position yourself as a strong asset for their doctoral programs.
  • And, finally, do not forget to proofread your personal statement. Take care of the little details by revising your essay and making sure it does not contain any typos or mistakes.

Our Professional Team Can Help with Your PhD Personal Statement

We have a professional team of expert writers that are specialized in academia. They have been working with admission papers, at all academic levels, and know what to write on your PhD personal statement. They will help you tell your personal story in a convincing way to make sure that the admission board finds your personal statement interesting. There are many ways our professional team can help you. Some of them are:

  • We can help you to write any admission paper. From personal statements and admission essays to waiver letters and recommendation letters. Our academic writers cover every document.
  • You can be sure that with our assistance, your personal statement will be a strong one.
  • Our writing department will deliver an original and unique personal statement on time to help you meet your deadlines.
  • Our editing team will help you improve the quality of your personal statement. They will revise your essay and make sure it is coherent and relevant.
  • We also have a customer support department to help you answer all of your questions. They are available 24/7.

We’ve gor the right team to help with your EPFL PhD application. Feel free to contact us 24/7!

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