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How to Explain Low Grades in Personal Statement: Step by Step Guide

For people who are looking for the best way to explaining bad grades in a personal statement or sample letter explaining bad grades in a personal statement, they can use this article as a template for writing an essay explaining bad grades. When it comes to the writing of a personal statement it is true that some people may get discouraged by the fact that they have low scores on a qualifying exam. But this should not be the case. There are different exams for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking a placement at an institution or higher institution of learning most likely a college for different forms of study for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate study. A lot of times there are scores that have been placed and these scores would determine if one would be able to get in or not. You may find an expert guide on explaining low gre scores in personal statement.

Usually, those who have high scores have the best chance of getting accepted while those with average scores still have a chance howbeit slimmer than those with high scores, especially for the competitive schools and courses. Those with low scores, however, usually have very little or sometimes no chance at getting the placement they desire. This is no doubt a true reality for a lot of people. But what is also true is that there are many people who have gotten awesome placements with low grades. This then brings us to how they did it. One of the ways is through the personal statement. This is why in this article we would be looking at how to explain low grades in a personal statement as well as the best ways to go about mentioning low scores in the personal statement. We would also look at how to address low scores in the admission letter as they are closely related.

Mentioning Low Scores in Personal Statement

The next thing that we would be looking at is what low scores for personal statement mean and how does one go about addressing weaknesses in application documents. Well like we stated earlier it depends on what you are applying for. Some of the exams could be for MCAT, GRE or GMAT. It is these exams that would determine how you would define low scores. The grading could also be on GPA. Generally speaking, however, low scores are regarded as the scores that go below the average that is usually required to get placement in a said institution for a defined course.

So if your score is below that average required score, it would be seen as a low score. For some of these exams there is a definitive score while for some others, it varies depending on a lot of factors. But if you have low scores, then you would need a great personal statement to give you a shot at getting the placement you seek. So below we would be looking at tips to address low scores in the admission essay. They are the same tips that show how to explain low grades in a personal statement.

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Tips for Explaining Bad Grades in Personal Statement

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If you are planning to write low grades personal statement below are 4 crucial tips that would come in handy. As you have realized, having a low grade is not a good thing. But what you must also realize is that it can be done and many people have gotten good placement with low grades. The reason is that they were able to appreciate that grades are not the only requirement to get a placement and these schools or colleges appreciate that a lot can go wrong which could make a good student have a poor grade. The whole idea now would be to convince them that you are a good student who suffered from having a poor grade. Below are 4 tips that would help you in doing this:

  • The first thing for you to do is to state your story. You should not be ashamed to explain what happened that is why it is a personal statement. It could be as a result of an illness, financial or family crises that may have resulted in either distracting you or affecting your preparation. Whatever it states it.
  • If the story is too personal for you, then, by all means, seek a professional help in writing it so that you don’t get too overwhelmed with emotion and have a very poorly written personal statement.
  • Always be truthful about what happened. Do not conjecture or make things up while writing your personal statement. Be as open and sincere as you possibly can.
  • It is also important that you note that it can be done and many people have done it. So be determined that you are going to get your placement as well.

Common Mistakes in Personal Statement

So what are the common mistakes that people make when writing the personal statement? Below we would highlight 5 of them.

  1. Some people write their personal statement by overstuffing it with words and cliché phrases that are too common and make the personal statement look unprofessional.
  2. A personal statement should also not be too lengthy and that is why 500 words, 4000 characters in about 4 to 5 paragraphs contained in 1 to 2 pages is recommended.
  3. Avoid stating too many statistics, especially controversial or unverifiable ones. In other words, if it is not true don’t state it.
  4. Always proofread the personal statement and do a spelling and grammar check. Don’t be too confident and of course, plagiarism is still very wrong.

And remember low grades is not an end of your dream! Observe how to get into a top law school with a low GPA here.

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With this, you can now see that it is possible to get the placement you desire all you need is the right know-how to mentioning low score in the personal statement.

Now that you know how to explain low grades in the personal statement you can now proceed to take action so you can get your brilliant personal statement ready in no time.