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How to Write a GMAT Waiver Letter With Our Help

Why Do You Need to Know How to Write a GMAT Waiver Letter?

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There are over 1300 institutions that require you to submit your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) results as part of your application when applying to study for your MBA. This is a 3 and half hour exam and the results are often one of the most important factors that are considered when selecting candidates for admission. However, not every candidate is able to perform well on these exams or they may have taken the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

In these cases you may want to get the requirement for your GMAT results to be waived. Getting the requirement waived will require you to write a GMAT waiver letter. This will allow the program to consider your request although it is not a guarantee that they will waive the requirement for your scores to be submitted. Also, you need to consider that not every program will even consider a waiver and you should check before you make your request.

How to Write an Effective GMAT Waiver Letter

You will need to write so good so you’re able to persuade the program that you have a genuine reason for not submitting your GMAT results or FNP personal statement. This will probably be personal in nature; so while a GMAT waiver letter example may be able to provide you with some guidance with regards to formatting and structure you must ensure that your reasons are well articulated and sound within your own personal letter. The following are some easy to follow tips as to how to structure and write your personal waiver letter:

  • Use a standard business letter template for your letter; unless the program has a specific letter format that they request you use.
  • Ensure that the subject line clearly states that this is a waiver request for GMAT.
  • Ensure that your greeting is to the “Dear admissions Committee” or to the head of the program if you have that information.
  • Clearly state the purpose of your letter in the opening line.
  • Provide the reasons as to why you feel you should not be required to submit your GMAT scores. Make your reasons clear and concise as well as factual. Avoid excessive emotion.
  • Summarize your points and make a final appeal for your waiver to be approved.
  • Request that they update you with their signature and thank them for their consideration.
  • Sign off your letter with “yours sincerely”; ensure that you provide your full name and a signature above.

What Do the Universities Say about Your GMAT Waiver?

Typically a university will provide you with a waiver if you can demonstrate that you have sufficient work experience in a relevant area. Often they will specify how long that experience should be for. Before you apply always review what the requirements are for the program you are applying to.

“Applicants may apply for a waiver of the GMAT requirement if they have three or more years of full-time professional business experience. However, three years of professional work experience does not automatically qualify one for a GMAT waiver. The nature of the experience, past academic record, and other attainments are all taken into consideration. Applicants who hold a master’s degree or higher from an appropriately accredited institution may be exempt from taking the GMAT.” University of Hartford

We Can Help with Your GMAT Waiver Application Letter

If you want to ensure that your GMAT letter is going to be effective then you may want to seek out professional help. We can provide you all of the specialist support that you need through highly qualified experts that know precisely how to craft a targeted and effective waiver letter in any field and format f.e. personal history statement sample. When choosing our services you should know that we also provide some guarantees. These are some of them:

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So if you want to work with someone that know how to write a GMAT waiver letter that will be accepted just contact our experts here today for reliable help you can trust!

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