Kyoto University Admissions

Kyoto University, pronounced Kyōdai, is a national university founded in 1869 in Kyoto, Japan. The university is home to 13,399 undergraduate students and 9,308 postgraduate students.  Kyōdai is most recognized for its institutes and facilities, such as, the Primate Research Institute, the Kosobe Conservatory, the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.

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Admission To-Do List

  • Health report
  • List of publications
  • Birth certificate
  • Abstract of your thesis
  • Official grading policy statement
  • Academic Record
  • Certificate of graduation
  • Application form
  • Recommendation letter
  • Entrance Examinations
  • Embassy Recommendations
  • Official Letter of Acceptance
  • Certification of preliminary selection


Writing Supplement:
Statement of purpose for visit (approximately 300 words, including the motivation and plans for joint research project). Please note that this must be consistent with the purpose of this exchange program, as stated in the “Purpose of program and our expectation” Written report from the visiting student is required to submit a written report summarizing his/her experience at Kyoto University before departure from Japan See more

Application Deadlines

January 20
Fall, Undergraduate
January or February
Fall, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Kan Kikuchi


Tatsuji Miyoshi


Advice on Personal Statement for Kyoto University Admissions

The Kyoto University personal statement should be approximately 300 words long. It is important that the applicant include what their motivation is for wanting to attend Kyoto. It is also important that the applicant writes about their future plans for when they have earned their degree. It is necessary for the essay to be consistent with the purpose of the exchange program. Applicants should give themselves plenty of time to write their personal statement. One of the best things to do is to have someone proofread the essay to make sure there are no errors. Never take this advice for-granted that personal statement writing takes a lot of time. We usually use “ How to” as the first two words of headline whether writing an essay or any other document. Focus on some not-to-miss ideas that can give you proper ideas for creating the superb title in the PS. The Kyoto University asks for the amazingly crafted personal statement for the admission in any of the desired program as per your choice.