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Expert Guide on How to Write Low MCAT Score Personal Statement

So what is the way to writing a low MCAT personal statement and are there low MCAT score success stories out there? Need to write an essay explaining low GPAThese are some of the things that would be discussed and looked at in this article. If you have always desired to enter the medical college to achieve your dream of becoming medical personnel; there are some things that you just have to be well informed about. The first of course would be to take the MCAT exams and after taking the MCAT the next step would be in drafting your personal statement for the school you desire.

What happens however when your MCAT scores do not fall in the range of those who have a great chance of getting a placement into the medical college of your choice. What do you do in such an instance? Do you give up on your hope and dream or do you still have a shot? Well, a well written low MCAT score personal statement is one way to get your dream placement and become one of the low MCAT score success stories.

There are some people that say they have a low MCAT score now what do they do. Well, you do not have to give up hope and in this article, we would show how explaining low MCAT scores in essay can help. This is also the case for those who think they have extremely low MCAT scores.

So What Are the Benefits of a Well-Written Low MCAT Score Personal Statement

The benefits of a well-written MCAT personal statement would help you appreciate the need to write yours well. It will also show you what it can do for you and it will reveal the need to get professional help in writing yours. Below are some of these benefits

  • It will help you get the placement you desire
  • It helps you ahead of an interview
  • It is personal and it can help you relate in a personal way to the institution
  • It reveals the reason for your low MCAT scores
  • It gives you a shot despite your low MCAT scores

Format of Personal Statement Explaining Low MCAT Scores in Essay

The next thing that it is important for you to appreciate is the format of explaining bad grade in an application essay, as this would help you to know how to address low MCAT scores in a personal statement. Generally, when writing this kind of personal statement, it should generally follow the normal personal statement format of introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should contain your basic information in a paragraph that is about 5 simple sentences long.

The body, on the other hand, would be somewhat different from the regular personal statement in content and this is not hard to understand. It will be about 3 paragraphs, each containing simple straight to the point sentences. This is where you would do the explaining your low MCAT scores. Also to be included are other aspects of you and your skills that make you a worthy applicant to be considered. This may include other relevant skills or academic achievement. Finally, the conclusion should be drafted not just to draw sympathy from the reader, but to appreciate them for the time and consideration. Other features to guide the drafting of well-formatted admissions strategies for students with bad grades would include:

  • Fonts: It is important that you use legible fonts
  • Paragraph: From the above, you can appreciate the paragraph but 4 to 5 paragraphs in total are recommended.
  • Length: Generally the length is placed at about 500 words or 4000 characters in 1to 2 pages.
  • Sample: if you need a further appreciation of this you can check for format samples.

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Low MCAT Score Now What?

There are a lot of facts about the MCAT and some of them are usually scary when you hear about the percentage of people who pass and the percentage of people who get in. if you actually have a low MCAT score, then all these facts become all the scarier. But here are 5 of the facts that you should also know that are real and that give you a chance:

  1. There are people who get the placement they desire with bad MCAT grades
  2. Poor MCAT grades does not always mean an automatic disqualification from applying
  3. MCAT scores even though one of the singular most important factors towards getting into the medical college, it is not the only factor that is considered
  4. A well written personal statement gives you a chance at getting the placement of your choice
  5. Not everyone with a high MCAT score gets the placement that they desire

mcat score statistics

Tips on How to Explain an Extremely Low MCAT Score

The next thing that we would go on to talk about is some of the tips that would help you explain your bad MCAT scores. Below we would highlight 5 of them

  • You must come across as personal throughout the whole personal statement and if the issue is too emotional for you, you may need a professional writing service
  • State and explain your reasons in clear terms, use simple sentences and valid reasons
  • A good example of some valid reasons that explains your poor MCAT scores could be an illness, financial or family crisis
  • Don’t be too shy to explain what really happened
  • Be truthful and understand that you can get your placement so do not make things up

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Reason to Choose Our Services

Of course, the issue may be a personal one and explaining it in your personal statement may be a little embarrassing this is one reason why professional help is a great way to go. Turn to personal statement writers who have helped many like you with poor MCAT grades who have gone on to get good placements. They are also determined and committed to making you part of our success stories. What is more is that we offer great customer care services as well as money back guarantee on our services. These are some of the reasons why you would want to choose our services.

Now you can see that a low MCAT score is not the end of the road you can still get the placement of that you desire.

You can use us now to help you with a well written low MCAT score personal statement and take the first step towards achieving your dream.

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