Monash University Admissions

Monash University, also called Monash, is a public university founded in 1958 in  Melbourne, Australia. The university is home to  8,172 academic staff, 39,000 undergraduate students, and 16,000 postgraduate students. Monash is most famous for its academic offerings in Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science, Engineering, Arts, and Business and Economics.

Official website:

Admission To-Do List

  • Health requirements and police checks
  • Online Application
  • Interview
  • GAMSAT Results
  • GPA of 5.5
  • Bachelor's degree
  • In the process of completing degree
  • Personal statement
  • Graduation certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Transcripts
  • English language proficiency


Writing Supplement:
Some courses require 100-500 word statements and/or information about your interests and suitability for the course. You can prepare this earlier to copy and paste into the form. For the long response questions, see personal statements. See more

Application Deadlines

February 21
Semester 1, Undergraduate
December 15
Semester 1, graduate
July 15
Semester 2, graduate
July 18
Semester 2, undergraduate

Famous Graduates

Damien Broderick

Science fiction author

Nicholas Edward Cave


Advice on Personal Statement for Monash University Admissions

The Monash University personal statement differs depending on the program being applied to. Most of the personal statements are responses to specific questions about the desired program. The personal statements are usually two essays responding to two different questions, at around 250 words in length. It is for the applicant to talk about their qualifications and interests in a certain program and a brief description about their experience. The Committee wants these essays to be unique to the applicant so they can get to know them and find out why they are best suited for the program.