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Motivation Letter for PhD Application

You Need an Effective Motivation Letter for PhD Applications

Applying for a PhD in any subject is tough. You will be asked for a huge array of different documents and all have to be completed very carefully with an eye to ensuring that the selections panel will be fully impressed with you. Your PhD motivation letter is no exception, it needs to be written in a way that will grab the attention of the committee and get them to see the value of having you within their program.

To do this however you are going to need to think long and hard not only about what you will write but how you will write it. Making sure you write an effective motivation letter for PhD can do wonders for your application. Here is a list to show the importance of writing a winning motivation letter.

  • An effective motivation letter will help you stand out from the competition. It will set your application apart from the rest and will help the committee see you as an asset for their program.
  • A good PhD motivation letter can also help you show off your talents. You can demonstrate that you have good research and analytical skills.
  • It is important to have an effective motivation letter because the admission committee will make their decision base on what you have written.
  • An effective motivation letter for PhD applications can also help you get a scholarship. If you write a good letter, the college may grant you a scholarship to have you on their program.
  • Without a doubt, it is one of the most important papers for your application. It is the only one that will tell the admission board who you are and what are your academic interests. Thus, make sure you align those with the research program you can to pursue.

How to Write Your PhD Motivation Letter

Your motivation letter for PhD needs to be written in a way that will be seen as impressive by the committee. The following simple tips from our professional personal statement writers will help to ensure that you are seen in a good light when writing your motivation letter:

  • Always open with an attention grabbing few lines that will get the reader interested in learning what you have to say
  • Talk positively about what you do want to achieve, they don’t want to hear what you are not going to research
  • Never use obvious statements or any form of cliché
  • Use language that is appropriate for subject and the level of your studies but don’t leave the reader reaching for the thesaurus on every line
  • Fully illustrate claims with examples rather than just making a statement
  • Always write from your personal view point
  • Always relate your research to the wider subject and its benefits

What Do You Need to Include within Your Motivation Letter for PhD Admission?

Not only does your motivation letter need to be engaging and written in a manner to impress the reader it also needs to tell them the right things. The committee wants to hear about the following;

  • Why are you interested in your subject area and how has that interest grown?
  • What previous research experience have you had and what did you achieve?
  • Why do you need to pursue a PhD with regards to what you hope to achieve and your career goals
  • Why is it that you want to be accepted onto this specific PhD program?
  • What impact will your proposed research have?

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