Peking University Admissions

Peking University, also known as PKU is a Chinese research facility founded in 1898 in Beijing, China. The university provides education to 15,128 undergraduate students and 15,119 postgraduate students. PKU is notable for its academic offerings and degrees in Science and Technology, Social sciences, Management and education, Pure and Applied Sciences, and Humanities.

Official website:

Admission To-Do List

  • Complete and detailed CV
  • Research proposal
  • Bachelor degree
  • Copy of Passport
  • Health examination report
  • Must be non-Chinese citizens
  • Letter of Recommendation


Writing Supplement:
A personal statement (800 words for master program, 1500 words for doctorate program, must be in Chinese.) The format can be downloaded a t See more

Application Deadlines

November 10
Spring, Undergraduate
March 10
Fall, undergraduate
December 16
Fall, graduate

Famous Graduates

Tian Gang


Fù Sīnián

Educator and Linguist

Advice on Personal Statement for Peking University Admissions

The Peking University personal statement must be written in Chinese and be no more than 800 words for the Masters program and 1,500 words for the Doctorate program. The purpose of the personal statement is for the applicant to describe their purpose, interests, and their future plans for research. It really helps if the applicant takes the time to write about their main accomplishments and their goals related to their desired area of study. All personal essays should be unique and applicants should thoroughly proofread it before submission. Keep this advice of writing a personal statement in mind that providing too much detail in the document leads to losing the attention of the admission team. It is not necessary that your message would be more persuasive if it is lengthy. Even the two to three lines seem sufficient to make the mind of the committee to make your selection. Peking University is the place where you are required to submit well-written PS along with other documents.