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Personal Accomplishment Essay Writing

A personal accomplishment essay is a type of written communication where you explain the reader about an accomplishment you had. It needs to explore the ways in which you made that accomplishment and what did you learn from it. This type of essay should reflect in an event that happened at least three years ago. And if you need help, our best personal statement writers can assist you.

The event that you select should be aligned with the audience that will be reading it. So you will have to choose an academic accomplishment if you are submitting it for college. The structure you need to follow is pretty simple. This is what your personal achievement essay should look like:

  • The first paragraph – introduce the challenge that you faced.
  • The second paragraph – describe what action did you take, how did you accomplish it.
  • The third paragraph – mention the results of your accomplishment.
  • Fourth paragraph – explain why this was an important accomplishment for you.

Evaluating Your Deeds in a Personal Accomplishment Essay

The hardest part about writing personal accomplishments essay is to be able to step back from your own ideas and take an objective view of what you have done. What you may regard as being insignificant is probably a big deal to others and they want to know more about it. When you order an essay from us we take certain steps to ensure that the personal accomplishment essay is interesting and will engage the listeners.

  • Take a look at the people that will be in attendance at this reunion. What do you think they will be most interested in knowing about what you have accomplished?
  • Make a list of the accomplishments that you are extremely proud of. You can make a list of academic accomplishments and another for those in your career.
  • Explain why these accomplishments are so important to you in a personal way.
  • Choose the ones you are most proud of. The ones that you will like to share with others. Those are the accomplishments that we can write about.
  • Describe the action you took to accomplish that challenge. What did you do and how did you do it? Be specific as this will help us write a personalized essay.
  • Explain any obstacle that you may have faced when accomplishing that challenge. How did you overcome it?
  • Mention what outcome did your accomplishment have. What did you gain with it? Did you help others? Did you make a positive change in society? Or was it a personal accomplishment?
  • Think of the ways of how that accomplishment shaped you. What did it change? What did you learn from that experience? What advice will you give others in a similar position?

If you want to get ideas for your accomplishment essay, have a look at our personal statement samples.

How to Make a Personal Accomplishment Essay Exciting

You know how hard it is to sit and listen to a speaker going on and on, so you want to avoid this from happening in a personal accomplishment essay. If you want to write the essay on your own and send it to us for editing, we will be able to take a third-party look and in this way delete any sentences that are not needed in the essay. We can make some of the vocabulary and action words stronger to convey your message in a much better way when you rely on the writing ability of Personal Statement Writing. These are some tips you can use to make your personal accomplishments essay exciting. Take note of them:

  • Use the five C’s to describe your accomplishment (circumstance, curiosity, characters, conversations, and conflict). They will help you entertain your audience.
  • Try to tell your accomplishment as if it was a story. Describe the anecdote in chronological order so that you engage the audience.
  • Use a hook to engage the reader or your audience.
  • Ask your audience to imagine themselves in that situation. You can ask them to close their eyes while you explain the challenge you faced.
  • Make it exciting by putting emphasis on the problem. Pause while you read your essay.
  • Once you tell how did you overcome that challenge and the accomplishment that you got, take a moment to reflect on it.
  • Explain to the audience why it was an accomplishment for you. Make it personal, they will appreciate it.

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