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Writing a personal mission statement can be a tough undertaking for many individuals. After all, creating a short summary of your entire life, a statement that defines your existence, goals, values, and beliefs cannot be an easy writing assignment. There are hundreds of personal mission statement examples available on the internet, but they will not help you create an original, effective and customized statement. Reading another mission statement can certainly provide you with an idea of how it should sound like, approximate length and elements. Take Google’s mission statement for example: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” As you can see, it is one sentence in length, states a clearly-defined goal and sets the stage for a great deal of innovation, development, and advancement. Looking at this statement you could probably try to devise many different variants describing the same idea, but Google’s will win. Why? Because their mission statement sincerely describes THEIR particular mission and yours needs to describe yours!

Many other examples of personal mission statements are usually not suited for individuals because they are business missions. A personal statement must condense your personal ambitions and goals into an accurate declaration of what you have to offer to the world. Our professional writers can provide you with a customized, personal mission statement written specifically for you or we can professionally edit your existing rough draft.

Personal Mission Statement Sample for University Application             

I believe that science is as much a philosophy as it is an art. Every technique, from Polymerase Chain Reactions to Western Blots, is a testament to the creative spirit of humanity. They are by no means perfect tools that yield answers every time, but similar to concept I learned in college calculus, they bring us closer to the answer. Science is the process of streamlining human thought, and it is for this reason I Have dedicated my life to its study.

From the start, science relies on general curiosity – any question is fair game. The next step is to formulate a simple flowchart of how to test all the possible answers to this question. Recently, the pressure to publish mind-blowing papers has resulted in what can only be called shoddy science. Good controls are ignored in favor of cheap and quick alternatives; data analysis has become so complicated that results are impossible to cross-check. I want to bring the transparency back into science, in a scientific community that has become a guarded kingdom in which each citizen harbors their own secrets. I believe that science was meant to be performed, shared, criticized, and perfected in that order. That is the only way to ensure that the theories we claim to have drawn a verdict upon are actually genuine.

My personal mission is to return to the root of science, back to those days where humans had a genuine curiosity of the natural world instead of an urge to quickly market any findings they chance upon. I have heard many people say that innovation is gone, and there are no more things left to invent. I would like to convince myself, and anyone I meet, that the statement is true – only because we have lost sight of what innovation is. It is not to become an overnight mogul. Rather, it is to create something that will amaze people, help people, and inspire a new generation of thinkers.

Personal Mission Statement Examples for Students

Examples of personal mission statements that you find on the internet may be perfect for another medical student or be relevant to your law school application. However, if you are uncertain as to how to use and alter personal mission statement examples to match your personal goals and achievements, you may end up with an obvious, plagiarized mission statement. If you have personal mission statements examples whose format suite you, but are unsure how to rephrase it to sound original while preserving the meaning, our expert writers can take the example you prefer and create a mission statement from scratch.

Personal Mission Statement

College Admission Personal Mission Statement

Education and knowledge are the things that are most important to me, expanding the things that I know and my awareness of the world around me are what I value the most, and school is just one way that this passion and drive has manifested itself. Whether it’s through formal education, volunteering, working my job, I’ve valued each experience I’ve had as a learning experience, a way to learn about people and the world and how to handle myself, and I think college is the perfect next step towards my ultimate goal.

Professional Personal Mission Statement Sample

Hard work is something that I’ve been taught to value above everything my whole life, and this knowledge has helped me develop into the successful and happy person that I am today. Though I understand that skill and practice are a large part of success, I also know that working hard and maintaining a diligent work ethic are just as important, and no matter what task you set before me or what you ask of me you can always trust that I’ll give it my best and put everything into ensuring that I am successful.

Business Personal Mission Statement Sample

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Avoid Submitting a Generic Personal Mission Statement Example

Our writers have years of professional experience creating high-quality personal mission statements. Although it may seem simple finding an example of a personal mission statement and making it your own, it will not allow you to explore your own defining values and share them with the world. The entire purpose of a personal mission statement examples is to convey the ideas that others are motivated by and are driven by. The whole overarching goal is to explain what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it and why you are aiming for this goal. Whatever personal mission statement example you take a fancy to, remember that it has been written to represent someone else’s ideas and values. It will be difficult to simply change a few words and make it your own. Our experts can collect your personal background information and put it all together to form a well-written personal mission statement.

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Follow this simple tips to write an outstanding personal mission statement

  • Сlear up the aim of your personal mission statement.
  • Call attention to your mission statement with an eye-catching introduction.
  • Make your personal statement successful – just read each question carefully and respond to it fully.
  • Put a smile on the panel’s faces with the creative conclusion of your personal statement.
  • Make sure you have avoided unnecessary accessories, politics and religion topics and any other things to omit in our mission statement.
  • Proofread your mission statement and recheck if you follow all statement do’s and don’ts.
  • Keep in mind that the formatting of your mission statement should meet some requirements.

The Best Examples of Personal Mission Statements

Your personal mission statement will be thoroughly read by the admissions committee and if plagiarism is suspected, it could cost you your admission. Using an example personal mission statement as a template could lead to strict and unnecessary measures that can be easily avoided. We will be glad to provide you with examples of personal mission statements that we have written for other students. If you would prefer to see a sample of our high-quality work, contact us today! Our experts are available to help you write a perfectly customized personal mission statement that will help you formulate a cohesive declaration of your motives, beliefs, and world-view. When you submit a personal mission statement it will be one that will stand out from all others!

We provide the best personal mission statement writing or editing services available online! View our personal mission statement examples and contact us for more!

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