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An accounting program is one of those courses that will always have good job prospects. Accountants are always needed. You can work for a company, for individuals, or as a freelance. There are some many industries that you can work with, that the possibilities are endless. Studying an accounting program has other benefits as well. You will be able to develop skills like maths and quantitative analytics. It is a degree suitable for people who love routine and concrete data. With professional assistance from personal statement writers, your finance MBA application is guaranteed to stand out from all other applicants. 

Thus, if you see yourself reflected on that, start applying for an accounting program. Here are ten schools that offer accounting programs. All you need to do is pick the one you like the most and send them your application along with your accounting personal statement.

We want to create a high-quality paper that will propel you towards your career goals! Our experts know the key features and expectation of a successful accountant personal statement! The following sample is provided for your reference and to showcase our work. Note: the sample below contains a fictional account of personal information that was created for the sole purpose of demonstrating the key aspect of a personal statement.

Accounting Personal Statement

My philosophy in relation to my future profession can be summarized by the following statement: ‘Accounting is like an art’. You have to analyze every aspect of a financial transaction before making an informed and professional decision. A teacher once told me that if you were good at art and could think creatively using numbers then you would be good at accounting. I have taken quite a few courses in accounting, learned to use accounting software proficiently and studied organizational behavior in the workplace. These courses expanded my practical knowledge of accounting and finance and I am certain I can excel in the selected MBA program that your institution offers (name of institution).  My philosophy that ‘accounting is like art’ because it takes a long time to master, requires dedication and perseverance to truly excel.
My accounting career started in 2007. I had landed my first accounting job not long after I graduated from Virtual University. I have been employed there for about two years. Now I am interested in attaining an MBA in Finance offered in cooperation with Virtual University. By devising original business plans, carefully selecting accounting techniques, creatively organizing personnel and choosing effective accounting strategies, I will be able to transform my ideas and innovative talents into the desired result. My motivation to enroll in and complete an advanced program in MBA Finance stems from my previous success in the Master of Finance program at Virtual University. The Virtual University’s program is jointly operated by Comsat and more than 100 instructors are from different countries.  I achieved great successes at VU and will continue to recommend their programs to anyone looking to pursue a career in finance.  I have been appointed as class advisor to first-year students.  I have also been appointed as chief curriculum supervisor in Virtual University’s Business Administration department.
I believe that such an excellent academic experience is possible only at VU. Your program is flexible enough for participants to devise a course of study appropriate for their needs and interests. In addition to attendance at course sessions, participants are provided with a high level of personal supervision and guidance by experienced staff.  In summary, I believe that I will continue to make breakthroughs in my career based on the knowledge and skills that I will acquire from your program. Your program will help me fulfill the role I am most interested in — becoming a well-trained accounting specialist who makes unique contributions to the ever-expanding accounting industry of my home country. Thank you very much for considering my statement for this program.

This accounting personal statement writing may be useful for:

  • Applications to international programs in accounting
  • Applications to financial MBA Schools
  • Masters of accounting admissions
  • Applications for advanced degree programs in accounting
  • Admissions to accounting colleges
  • Applications to accounting graduate schools

Interesting Facts about Accounting Personal Statement

The facts and stats about personal statements show the other side of it. Check out more of MBA personal statement writing tips and be sure that success is already waiting for you. There is numerous factual-based information that would help you out in getting ample information about personal statement writing:

  • The standard length of a personal statement is 4k characters. Many of us are unaware of this fact that the ideal length of P.S is based on 47 lines.
  • It is definitely important to write a personal statement for all of the accounting applicants. Similarly, the economics personal statement must be written by applicants for the respective subject.
  • From international studies personal statement to the one written for accounting subject, it is important to prepare it for getting quick acceptance. The suggested way to get your personal statement accepted is to edit it straight after writing. Only 3 to 4 applicants get approval for their self-written personal statements only because of less attention to correcting it properly.

Tips to Write in Well-Mannered Way

Here are some feasible tips to write the statement (whether it is government and politics personal statement or for accounting subject):

  • Use your own unique style for writing. This can show the quirky side of your writing.
  • Start editing the content from reverse order. It is helpful in spotting errors earlier.
  • Think before write. Each sentence that you add to the text content must be meaningful.
  • It’s not too late to learn. You can even study well about writing P.S two hours before writing it. Learn to get it done appropriately.
  • Avoid repeating the same words and sentences. Try to come with the new and quality content every time.

Furthermore, we can always help you create an outstanding accounting personal statement from scratch if you order from personal statement writers services – we will work towards your career success!

Mistakes No One Should Make in Preparing Personal Statement

Have a look at three major mistakes/blunders made by every writer while writing personal statement of accounting:

  • Not hiring personal statement writers services despite having 0% knowledge of writing it.
  • Paraphrasing of any previously written accounting personal statement.
  • Creating mess up on pages by including numerous subheadings. In actual, subtitles are not allowed to be added personal statements. Keep this thing in mind.

There is a strict ‘No’ to all of these mistakes. Applicants should know that these actions would directly lead to their rejection. The experts always suggest to pay full attention to writing and then editing the content. Secondly, the formatting of a personal statement is also important to create an enormous impression in front of readers.

We Can Help You with Your Application

We provide professional help to assist you with your accounting personal statement writing. Our expert writers have many years of experience working with admission papers and know how to craft a winning personal statement essay. They will revise your requirements, your personal details, and write a personalized essay that you can identify with. You can be sure that with our expert accounting personal statement help your application will be successful. These are some of the documents we can help you with:

  • Personal Statement: our professional writers will make sure to write a catchy and persuasive essay tailored specifically for you.
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  • And many more! Our team can also help you with your statement of purpose or your waiver letter.

If you applying to a Finance MBA program and need tips on admission guidelines, Personal Statement Writers advise you review our MBA personal statement writing tips and along with other relevant samples: economics personal statement, International Studies Personal Statement and government, and politics personal statement – you may find some useful hints on how to structure and organize your statement.

To view more accounting personal statements and other types of essays, please visit our samples collection!

How Does a Winning Accounting Personal Statement Look Like?
  • It presents your skills, achievements and expertise in the chosen area
  • It demonstrates your transferable skills, uniqueness and great ambitions
  • It shows how the program would benefit from having you as a student
  • Grammatical impeccability, logical & smooth flow, comprehensive structure - these are must-haves
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