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Personal Statement for Volunteer

Volunteering: A Significant Experience with a Meaning in My Life

Volunteering is all about providing free services to the community and working towards its improvement. As much as it can be hard to think about finding time to volunteer, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to me on a personal level. As a volunteer, it is been significant because have had a chance to reach out to the community, learn new skills and even advanced my career and social viewpoint.

The most important lesson I learned from my volunteering experiences was the power to win friends and influence the actions of others by expressing genuine interest in their issues. Volunteering has made me understand my community, connect with individuals and gain some benefit. Making new friends has contributed to a boost in self-confidence, increasing support and helped me learn how to share.

Volunteering also has helped me strengthen ties to the community and broaden support networks, exposing me to community to people with common interests, neighborhood resources and fun and fulfilling activities. Volunteering has significantly influenced my life. Being a shy person, volunteering has given me an opportunity to practice and develop my social skills, through regular meetings with people with both common and unique interests. Serving people brightens my life. While it might be a challenge to incorporate into everyone’s schedule, volunteering as a family has benefited children, as you see them watch everything you do and learn the lesson of participation.

Giving back to the community, you show these children first-hand on how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help others and lead to meaningful changes. Volunteering has helped me increase my self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction by my feeling of accomplishment and importance. Volunteering can also help one in combating depression and staying physically fit. My role has provided me with a sense of pride and identity. I know have a positive view of my life and future goals. Volunteering is a fun and enjoyable experience if one takes the time to identify their goals and interests.

Once you gain momentum, it becomes easier to branch out and make more friends and contacts who will help you achieve your goals, I also learned how to manage time effectively. One can volunteer via a phone or computer if unable to physically commute or meet due to lack of means of transportation or due to a disability. Volunteering will forever be important to my life.

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