Commercial Diplomacy Personal Statement

Commercial Diplomacy Personal Statement

“Commercial diplomacy involves business and government overseas in cooperative efforts to achieve commercial objectives that advance national interests.”
Harry Kopp, Commercial Diplomacy and the National Interest

Today there are a lot of powerful tools, developed to help the countries increase their economy. However, commercial diplomacy and trade negotiations are the most prospective ones. They both assist the economies of the countries to get integrated into the global international trading system. Moreover, the symbiosis of commercial diplomacy and trade negotiations strengthens human, institutional and policy-making capacities of the countries by successful participating in regional and international trade negotiations.

Due to the rapid increasing of the globalization processes, each country should prepare enough specialists in the field of commercial diplomacy to defend its interests in the international trade. Moreover, today’s economic recession requires more skills and more thinking to take the leading trading positions than a decade earlier. For developing countries, however, it can be an opportunity to take a leading position in the world’s trade.

I’d like to participate in this global process and be able to act as a commercial diplomat, to improve the life of the people of my country. International trading operations have a crucial meaning for every country in the world. International trading is very important for every branch of the economy, from manufacturing to agriculture. Therefore, global trading has always grabbed my attention. I remember being a student of the high school sitting in front of TV and watching Economic channel. I was the only one student of my class who spent the majority of the evenings listening to news. However, I was interested in studying international economy, and my persistence helped me to get a good certificate.

When I came to the college, I chose the international economy as my major, because there was no opportunity to choose commercial diplomacy there. Now, when I’m applying to the University, I’d like to continue my studying with the major in commercial diplomacy and trade negotiations. My goal is to get MA and then PhD degree in this field. As a student, I’m reliable and diligent, I appreciate every opportunity to get new knowledge. I’d feel honored to get a scholarship for gifted students to be able to realize all my enthusiasm within the studies as well as to apply all my skills to the active work for the campus.