Education Personal Statement

Education Personal StatementPersonal Statement is one of the most important parts of your application package. It will provide additional proof to the admission committee of your intellectual and creative achievements. Personal Statement will also give a opportunity a feel for you as a person and as a future student. An Education Personal Statement is the place where you can display your academic and scholarship records. Below you can find a perfect example of a Education Personal Statement.

Education Personal Statement

Education has always been a very important factor of prosperity of different countries throughout the world. The history shows us a plenty of cases, when civilizations broke down because of lack of knowledge, or poorly developed science. Deficiency of teachers and insufficient quality of education often causes death of a country’s economy, because of ruining science and other important branches of the economy, like medicine, industry and manufacturing, even agriculture. Thus, the entire population finds themselves on the rocks. That is why I believe that education is the most important sphere of people’s activity, because it stores people’s knowledge and passes it to the future generations.
Education is the bridge between past achievements and the future ones. Moreover, education is the only way for the people to move forward, because it is the background for science developing, hence it’s a highway to new discoveries and developing the nation in general. Today we face the world of rapid changes, requiring even more knowledge than it used before. We need to learn new things during the entire life not to fall behind of the progress.I understood the crucial importance of education in the high school. Being inspired by my teachers, I decided to devote my life to teaching, developing new techniques of teaching and learning, which could be helpful for the students all over the world. As a student of the high school, I was very good in baby sitting, I tried to teach the children to read and count. As a college student, I helped younger fellows to learn well, to find their way in life.I’d like to enter the School of Education of XXX University because of the rich history and intellectual atmosphere, as well as the world’s leadership in the field of cross-disciplinary education and the contribution to the improvement of education. The most respectable professors in the sphere of pedagogy and education, and the most exciting researches held with the ability to increase the imagination and knowledge of the students are a great opportunity for the students to challenge themselves, to get prepared for the future work. As a student of XXX University, I’ll do my best to earn a degree with honors and to contribute to the university. Practicing in the research labs and developing new teaching environments is the dream of my studentship. As a future teacher, I’m ready to go through any difficulties to bring knowledge to the students.

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