Graduate School Personal Statement Sample

graduate school personal statement sampleWhen ordering a graduate school personal statement, students will need to examine and consider which kind of grad school personal statement examples they need and have them available for reference. Many institutions have different requirements, either an admission essays system or a single personal statement submission. Regardless, graduate school personal statement examples, such as the one below showcase some of the most common mistakes students make during composition. Knowledge of what kind of sample graduate school personal statement will be effective and contribute to success is also important just as much as a good statement.

The following personal statement for graduate school students is an example of what not to write. See if you can identify the mistakes this individual has made:

Graduate School Personal Statement Sample

There are those who feel that diaries are literary media that are just as respectable as anything else. Some authors even have their diaries published. Of course, the journals of historical figures can become bestsellers once they’re no longer under copyright. This has caused its share of controversy over the years since it allows people to see into the personal thoughts of otherwise private individuals.

That’s exactly why I was mortified when my diary was stolen during my college years and posted on a board in the library. Someone had actually taken pages of it and posted it to a corkboard, as absurd as that must sound. It was a trick that most people would have expected to see a bully pull back in high school.

For a while, I was literally sobbing. Nothing worse could have happened to me. Soon enough, though, I realized that I was getting free publicity. This was an excellent opportunity for me to show who I could be as a writer. You can imagine the look on the face of the friend who pulled this practical joke on me since I was using it to increase my popularity.

I wouldn’t ever recommend taking something that didn’t belong to you. I would never break rules, or encourage anyone to do so. However, this taught me the value of making lemonade when life gives me lemons, and I want that to be an attitude that I continue to use throughout all of my post-graduate years.

For Whom Graduate School Personal Statement Sample Is Good For:

  • PhD level program applicants
  • Master’s degree program applicants
  • Medical students applying for a residency training program
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree program

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