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Best Graduate School Personal Statement Sample

When ordering a graduate school personal statement, students will need to examine and consider which kind of grad school personal statement examples they need and have them available for reference. Many institutions have different requirements, either an admission essays system or a single personal statement writing. Regardless, graduate school personal statement examples, such as the one below showcase some of the most common mistakes students make during composition. Knowledge of what kind of sample graduate school personal statement will be effective and contribute to success is also important just as much as a good statement. The following personal statement for graduate school students is an example of what not to write. See if you can identify the mistakes this individual has made:

[sample title=”Graduate School Personal Statement Sample”]
There are those who feel that diaries are literary media that are just as respectable as anything else. Some authors even have their diaries published. Of course, the journals of historical figures can become bestsellers once they’re no longer under copyright. This has caused its share of controversy over the years since it allows people to see into the personal thoughts of otherwise private individuals.

That’s exactly why I was mortified when my diary was stolen during my college years and posted on a board in the library. Someone had actually taken pages of it and posted it to a corkboard, as absurd as that must sound. It was a trick that most people would have expected to see a bully pull back in high school.

For a while, I was literally sobbing. Nothing worse could have happened to me. Soon enough, though, I realized that I was getting free publicity. This was an excellent opportunity for me to show who I could be as a writer. You can imagine the look on the face of the friend who pulled this practical joke on me since I was using it to increase my popularity.

I wouldn’t ever recommend taking something that didn’t belong to you. I would never break rules, or encourage anyone to do so. However, this taught me the value of making lemonade when life gives me lemons, and I want that to be an attitude that I continue to use throughout all of my post-graduate years.

For whom graduate school personal statement sample is good for:

  • PhD level program applicants
  • Master’s degree program applicants
  • Medical students applying for a residency training program
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree program

Learn How to Write a Powerful Personal Statement for Graduate School

Graduate school can be a great step for your career. You will be able to deepen your knowledge and gain extra skills. But, as you may already know, many students are in the same position as you. They will be applying for the same programs. So, how can you make your application stand out from the competition? Simple. Write a powerful personal statement, like our sample personal statement undergraduate. This step by step list will help you learn everything you need to know. Take note of these steps:

  • First of all, familiarize yourself with the format you need to follow for your essay. You can do it by reading a well-written graduate school personal statement sample. Identify its main points and take note of them.
  • Second, research the graduate school you are applying to. Investigate its main interests, its areas of expertise, what are they looking for in potential students. This can help you match your skills with their interests.
  • Third, do an inventory of yourself. After reading the question you need to answer, write down your strongest skills.
  • Fourth, create an outline and follow it when writing your essay.
  • Fifth, use positive and direct language. Avoid cliches and complex sentences. They will not provide any relevant information about you.
  • Sixth, revise and proofread your personal statement. Fix any errors and make any changes to make sure your essay is coherent.

The Structure of a Personal Statement

Using the right structure for your personal statement can help you add points to your application. If you search professionally-written grad school personal statement examples or high school personal statement examples, you will see that they all share the same structure. This is the basic structure you need to follow for your personal statement. Check it out and see what thing you need to include in each part:

  • First paragraph. The first section of your personal statement should be a brief introduction of yourself. It should mention what are your motives for applying to that course.
  • Second and third paragraph. The main body of your essay should explore your strengths and accomplishments. It should help the reader understand how you are, what has shaped you, why are you prepared for doing that course, and what career goals and motivations do you have for finishing the degree.
  • Fourth paragraph. The conclusion has to summarize everything that you have just said. It needs to reinstate why you are a strong and suitable candidate for the course.
  • Keep in mind that all these paragraphs must be absolutely original and written from scratch. Plagiarism is a serious issue that can be easily detected by the admission committee.

Prepare for the Writing Process

Every professional writer will tell you that you need to prepare before you start writing a personal statement, even for a PhD personal statement sample. The graduate school personal statement examples that you have read, have many hours of preparation behind. That’s what makes the great. If you want to know what you should do to prepare for the writing process, read these useful tips. Take note of them:

  • Plan ahead and set different deadlines. You can set one for the research process, another for the outline, other for the writing process, and a last one for the revision stage. But make sure that you meet them all.
  • Research the school you are applying to in advance. It will help you demonstrate that you know where you want to study and that your interests are aligned with the college’s area of expertise.
  • A good brainstorming session can help you see the skills and anecdotes you want to share with the admission committee. Remember to only use those you are comfortable sharing.

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