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International studies can be defined as the study of global economic, social, political, and cultural traits that affects the international agenda. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines humanities, social studies, economics, and many other subjects to analyze international traits. It studies the effects of globalization, sustainability, nationalism, terrorism, and many other factors that affect us all. Studying an International Studies program can help you get a job in different sectors. You will be able to work in private or public organizations, as well as think tanks or political parties.

If you are interested in studying the global socio-economic and political changes that are happening, you should go for an international studies program. Since there are a lot of options online, we have created a list with the top 10 colleges that offer the best International Studies programs. Check them out:

International Studies Personal Statement

“Interest does not tie nations together; it sometimes separates them.
But sympathy and understanding does unite them”.
Woodrow T. Wilson

As a highly educated person, and an academic of history and political science, Woodrow T. Wilson, the 28th President of theUnited States, believed in idealistic internationalism.  I believe he was absolutely right to try to saveAmericafrom war.  Despite the fact that his efforts did not work out to his satisfaction, his leadership during World War I helped theUSto survive the war. Therefore, Woodrow T. Wilson is ranked as one of the greatest Presidents of theU.S.
I believe that a balanced structure of international relations can do miracles for any country. The art of international relations is based not solely on knowledge and skills, but also on wisdom and deep understanding of the soul of humans. Woodrow T. Wilson is a man of unique wisdom. He knew that understanding is the basis for successful negotiations between both people and countries.International studies as a discipline is based on economic, social, cultural, and environmental perspectives. Thus, being accepted into theCollegeofInternational Relations, would allow me to concentrate on these topics. I feel a strong need to participate in international interactions and be an active part of a global community. I want to interact with people of different nationalities.Diplomacy takes first place among tools of international relations.  It is the art of leading negotiations between the representatives of different countries. When diplomacy fails, other tools, like sanctions, war, and other atrocities are used. My goal is to become skilled at diplomacy to avoid wars and/or sanctions. I believe that people are kind in their nature, and are willing to socialize. People are also willing to seek a better understanding of others.My passion and desire to specialize in the field of international relations led me to this program at theCollegeofInternational Relations. I believe this path will give me a bright jump start to my career. I pledge to apply all of my diligence and enthusiasm to studying.  As I am deeply concerned with international relations, I would take great care of the international students of the college. I would like to be an active participant of all social events. Communicating with people brings to me a deep satisfaction. I would like to turn this passion into a profession.

This international studies personal statement sample may be helpful for:

  • Applications for International Relations programs
  • Admissions to the schools of International and Public Affairs
  • Applications to the schools of International Advanced Studies
  • Graduate Schools admissions in International Relations
  • International Studies applications

The Role of Personal Statement in Application Process

When applying to an International Studies program you will have to submit different papers. One of those documents is the International Studies personal statement. The personal statement is a type of essay where you describe your personal skills, academic background, motives for applying to that program, as well as your knowledge in the subject. As you can see, the personal statement is very important for your application. The role of the personal statement in your application is to:

  • Present yourself to the admission committee through an essay. In your personal statement you will introduce yourself and tell them about your motives for entering their program.
  • It is the paper that will make unique your application. Thus, it will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.
  • It will help the admission board make their decision. From what they read on your paper, they will decide if you are a strong candidate for their program or not.
  • It will also demonstrate your critical and writing skills. It is a way where the reader will be able to see how well do you link different sentences and how good you are at expressing yourself.

Make sure that your International Studies personal statement has all chances to impress the admissions committee! Personal statement writers know the secrets of the successful application, and they are always glad to share them with you.

How to Create the Best International Studies Personal Statement

Writing the best personal statement can help you with your application. A good personal statement will definitely position you as a perfect candidate. But you need to make sure you know how to write one. And reading an International Studies personal statement sample would not do the trick. Thus, to help you improve your application, we have listed some useful tips. Check them out:

  • Before you start writing your personal statement, you need to choose a scope. What angle would you like to develop. This will help you write a more concise essay.
  • Brainstorm some ideas and phrases connected to the topic you choose to develop. You can write as many as you want. The best way to do it is to put a timer and see how many can you get in one minute. This will force to think fast and come with more creative solutions.
  • Draft an outline based on your topic. Choose some phrases to add to each section. And make sure that you are addressing the question.
  • Take your time to write your personal statement. You may not be able to write it all on one day. It is better to leave a few days in between so that you are sure you are not writing unnecessary stuff.
  • When you start writing your personal statement, make sure you follow the outline you made. This will help you stick to the point and avoid writing irrelevant things.
  • Illustrate your arguments with personal anecdotes and stories. They will also help you demonstrate your knowledge of the topic.
  • Proofread your personal statement once you have finished writing it. Take your time to do it. You can start by reading out loud your paper and see if it makes sense. Then, do a thorough language check and fix any errors.

What to Avoid in Your International Studies Personal Statement

When writing your personal statement there are some things you should avoid if you want to make sure your essay is perfect. One of those things is the use of clichés. Clichés are overused phrases that take up space and do not add relevant information to your paper. So, if you find yourself writing one, stop and think of other ways you can say what you are trying to tell.

You should also avoid writing unnecessary facts about yourself. Even if you think they are interesting, if they are not related to the course in one way or another, is better to keep them apart. Inappropriate language is another thing you should avoid when writing your personal statement for an international studies program.

Choose your words carefully and use plain language to express yourself. Not taking your time to revise your personal statement is another thing you should avoid at all costs. If you do not do it, and you submit an essay with typos or plagiarised content, your application will be affected.

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Look carefully at accounting personal statement and sociology personal statement samples – you will definitely find lots of interesting ideas for your international studies personal statement in these essays. Furthermore, if you feel that your personal statement on International Studies needs significant improvement – ask personal statement writers to help you!

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How Does a Winning International Studies Personal Statement Look Like?
  • It presents your skills, achievements and expertise in the chosen area
  • It demonstrates your transferable skills, uniqueness and great ambitions
  • It shows how the program would benefit from having you as a student
  • Grammatical impeccability, logical & smooth flow, comprehensive structure - these are must-haves
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