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A journalism and mass communication program will prepare you to work in a wide range of fields. On this program, you will study media, broadcast news, advertising, photojournalism, radio, etc. It is an interdisciplinary course where you will be able to develop your communication and analytical skills. You will also develop your writing skills, as well as your patience. This program will allow you to expand your knowledge on the different media platforms, and the various types of journalism there are. If you want to apply to a journalism and mass communication program, you will have to go through an application process. Here, you will have to write a strong journalism and mass communication personal statement, and that’s where our expert personal statement writers can help you.

This essay will help your applications stand out from the rest, and will also help you to convince the admission board that you are a strong candidate. But before you start writing your personal statement, you will have to choose a journalism and mass communication program. To help you with your research, we have listed ten schools that offer this program. Check them out.

Excellent communication skills aren’t the only determinant of successful journalism or mass communication application. An outstanding journalism personal statement should be defiant and a winning mass communication admission essay should highlight some bright examples from your personal experience. Personal statement writers prepared one journalism and mass communication essay that combines these features. Check it below.

Journalism and Mass Communication Personal Statement

Being a journalist equals to being a sleepless sentinel of freedom of the world. It is a mission more than just a profession. Being a journalist is being responsible for the justice, it means protecting truth all over the world. It is a constant struggle between honor and offense. As a conscious citizen, as an active member of the society, I long for getting more knowledge and skills to be able to participate in the struggle on the side of honor and good. All my life I was working on developing analytical skills to be able to read between the lines, gather information and make conclusions. In high school, I realized that being a journalist is my cherished wish, so I made my way towards the College of Journalism and Communications. While taking courses at the college, I paid high attention to the courses, and not only noted carefully everything I was told to but also wrote my own critical reviews, actively participated in creating of the college newspaper. I have started my own news blog, describing the events of the college and the campus life. Aside from my courses, I devoted much time to studying literature in libraries, which helped me to write more interesting articles and reviews. As an active member of the students’ society, I was one of the founders of online social media, which helped our college to get everybody involved in different cultural and educational events. We helped our freshmen to get closer, as well as international students to adapt to the completely new environment.

Now I’d like to continue my studying as an undergraduate student at a School of Communication of American University. American University is one of the most admirable and well-known all over the country by its teaching staff and laboratories, opened to students. The courses, read by the most respected professors, who are experts in the field of mass communication, could be a wonderful opportunity to give a jump start to my career in J-Lab of the university. I would like to apply to a School of Communication with a major in journalism and mass communications. I believe this will help me to contribute to humanity, to realize my potential and protect the goodwill throughout the world. I’ll be able to fill my life with the joy of bringing honest information to the people and sharing my knowledge with students.

Statistical Info about Journalism and Mass Communication Personal Statement

When it comes to writing a personal statement (you can always check out personal statement samples), the applicants mostly forget about the actual requirements and criteria of making it up to the mark. Some important facts can be quite effective in getting more information about the personal statement writing:

  • If we talk about the length of P.S, the different people have distinctive views about it. In actual, there is a standard length of personal statement. The forty-seven to fifty lines are required either you write the media management personal statement or P.S in any other field.
  • The applicants who are keen to apply in any of the related subjects i.e. mass or media communication should definitely follow all the steps included in the format of P.S for journalism.
  • The 45% of applicants get acceptance in the first attempt by writing the best personal statements only because of following the right formats and templates.
  • From writing advertising personal statement to the one for journalism, the more interest of people towards getting professional help rather than doing it all personally.

Journalism and Mass Communication Personal Statement Help

To tell the truth, a mine of appealing ideas on mass communication essay writing is hidden in media and communication personal statement and media management personal statement. Say goodbye to submission of low-quality content in the personal statement. You can now write the best personal statement that lives up the expectations of the admission committees.

  • Don’t repeat the words and revising the sentences as well. It is enough to lose the interest of readers from the text content.
  • Recheck the whole draft once you write it. Remember that revisions must be made by using both the manual process and online tools.
  • You are not supposed to rephrase any personal statement. Try to write it by yourself.
  • No typos and grammatical errors are allowed at all. The government and politics personal statement requires a specific vocabulary. So, try to use the most relevant words.
  • Get some assistance from the people who’ve been chosen recently because of writing an ideal personal statement.
  • Make sure you’ve followed all requirements. There is no need to write 3-page long document if the admission committee expects to see only a signle page of writing.

Mistakes in Personal Statements of Journalism/Mass Media

Majority of applicants who apply for media and journalism programs (graduate or postgraduate) are rejected because of these mistakes: 

  • Wrong selection of the font size and style.
  • Begging for the selection anywhere in the personal statement.
  • Discussing more education history rather than gained skills and certifications/courses.

If you avoid all of these mistakes, there will be brighter chances of getting selected for the media and journalism program with no hassle. Are you ready to review more catching personal statement samples? Our professional writers suggest you pay particular attention to government and politics personal statement and advertising personal statement samples. Take your chance to make your journalism and mass communication paper more attractive!

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But that is not all. Thanks to the amazing skills our team has, we can also provide a professional editing service to help you improve your personal statement. Our editing service is carried out by professional editors that know all the ins and outs of admission papers. They know the requirements that your personal statement should have, and will make sure yours is a strong essay.

If you are ready to collaborate with our expert writers on your journalism and mass communication personal statement don’t hesitate to make the first step and place an order with us!

How Does a Winning Journalism and Mass Communication Help Personal Statement Look Like?
  • It presents your skills, achievements and expertise in the chosen area
  • It demonstrates your transferable skills, uniqueness and great ambitions
  • It shows how the program would benefit from having you as a student
  • Grammatical impeccability, logical & smooth flow, comprehensive structure - these are must-haves
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