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MBA Personal Statement Sample from Expert Writers

When ordering an MBA personal statement, applicants should ask themselves if they intend to stick with their chosen graduate program. If they do, then a sample MBA personal statement could be the way into a new business career. Otherwise, people might actually want to order something else than the MBA personal statement samples they were considering. General higher-level business applications usually don’t require personal statement examples MBA. They look for other types of personal statement writing. That being said, a genuine MBA personal statement example fits the bill for those who genuinely plan to graduate with a Master of Business Administration diploma.

[sample title=”MBA Personal Statement”]
I’m under the impression that most people have a skewed view of those who are going into sales. Most individuals seem to think that sales are perhaps the slimiest craft that one could go into. While I can’t say that I could ever see myself permanently changing this view for everyone, I do feel that I could prove to at least my superiors here that my intentions are pure. Through hard work, I’ve sought to prove myself worthy of making it into an MBA program.

While I’ve had my eyes on this goal throughout my educational career, it’s only now become a reality. I’ve actually done a good deal of my undergraduate work through distance education resources that were offered to me when I was still in college. That means to some that I haven’t had the same experience as everyone else has. Classrooms and televisions have very little in common with one another. Interactive modes of communication are a little more similar, but that doesn’t mean much with many observers.

Contrary to what they might think, I feel this has prepared me for the world of sales because it’s demanded that I make myself flexible in different situations. The world of sales is littered with cases where people need to be as flexible as possible. Otherwise, the job doesn’t get done. I feel that my body of undergraduate work should speak for itself in this regard.

MBA personal statement sample could work for:

  • MBA students making it to the next level
  • New applicants for postgraduate programs
  • Those moving from distance education to traditional education
  • Applicants for sales and business programs

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Using our sample MBA personal statement can help you improve your essay. Our samples are written by our expert writers. You will see that the one they have created for an MBA program includes all the required information. It follows a coherent structure, and each sentence is well-linked to each other. To make the most of our MBA personal statement samples, start by reading it.

Use Our MBA Personal Statement Sample

Highlight the sentences where the writer recognizes the strongest skills of the candidate. See what type of language do they use, and how did they illustrate those points. After you have analyzed it, you can move to the writing process. Here is some info about how to start writing your personal statement. Check it out:

  • Start by doing some research. Investigate the college, the program, and yourself. You need to be sure that your interests align with the ones of the school.
  • Do a good brainstorming session to write down things about yourself. Choose those that you are comfortable sharing with the admission committee.
  • An outline is a vital step that you need to do before writing your essay. Organize your ideas by separating them into four main sections. Just like we did with our sample.
  • Research your audience so that you can connect with them. The words you choose for your paper will have a great impact on your application. Make sure you choose wisely.

How to Write a Strong MBA Personal Statement

Doing an MBA can boost your career. It can help you get a better job and gain a higher salary. An MBA has only benefits. But, being accepted to one can be quite challenging. Many people will be applying for the same course as you. That’s why an easy way to improve your application is by writing a strong MBA personal statement sample. Learn how to do it with these professional tips:

  • A strong MBA will showcase your strongest skills through personal anecdotes. Illustrating your essay can help you engage the reader and submit a memorable paper.
  • You should take your time and plan different steps for the writing process as this will help you ensure you meet your deadline while delivering a strong personal essay.
  • An important thing to take in consideration while writing your personal statement for an MBA program is that you need to demonstrate the school that you are applying to, that you know them. Investigate their programs, their areas of expertise, and match your interests with theirs.
  • Creating an outline can help you organize your ideas. With an outline, you can be sure that you are including all the relevant points the admission committee is looking for in your application.
  • When talking about yourself, be honest and positive. Do not focus on your weakness. Talk about your achievements and strongest skills, instead. That’s what the admission committee wants to read about yourself.
  • Avoid using cliches and complex sentences. They will only prevent the reader from understanding your message. And cliches are empty words that will not illustrate who you are.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Besides knowing how you should write a strong personal statement, you should also know that there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid. Otherwise, your application will not be one of the strongest ones. We have listed the most common mistakes people do. Take note of them:

  • Avoid using poorly-written MBA personal statement examples. They will only confuse you by demonstrating what you should not do.
  • A big mistake most people do is that they forget to proofread their personal statement. Even if you take your time to write your paper, and you read each paragraph while you are writing it, you need to revise it once you finish writing it.
  • Talking poorly about yourself is a big no-no. You need to convince the admission committee that you are a strong candidate, not the opposite.
  • Using complex sentences to demonstrate your writing skills. Remember that you need to be clear so you will need to use short and direct sentences. The reader needs to understand your essay the first time – they will not be reading it more than once.

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