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Medicine Personal Statement Writing Help

Writing a medicine personal statement is always complicated, even more, complicated then any other personal statement, especially if you never wrote anything like it before. Our personal statement writers provide you with a medicine personal statement sample below. This sample can only be used for inspiration or as an example of how to structure your personal statement. You should keep in mind that there is no single template for personal statement writing, the admission committee always approves applicants diversity and individuality.

[sample title=”Medicine Personal Statement”]
The human body is an impressive machine because of the many diverse biological systems. A composition of cells that grouped together that became tissues. And tissues that combined together became organs. My passion for science became the reason for choosing Medicine as my field of study. I love to take the challenge of intellectual activity, discover the information and gain a deeper and useful understanding of the human body. Although Medicine is a tough career it can be enormously gratifying, attributed by the doctors I have spoken during my venture to discovering my passion.

To widen my view I have participated in the medical field by shadowing in a GP surgery. I have seen the wonders of surgery, with the opportunity to observe and speak with the doctors about the medical career. I have also entrusted myself with a weekly work in a local hospital which added to my opportunities of observing and getting the first-hand experience from another point of view. I have experienced ward rounds, an MRI scan, a skin biopsy and an endoscopy clinic which all caught my interest. I spent most of the time with the hematology team, responsible for patients with diseases such as Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia or CML, hematology being one of my interests was captivating when I saw a more complex side of the AS Biology course. Among the understandings, I’ve gained in this branch of Medicine were how the platelets affect blood clotting.

Throughout the week’s experience, I have gained confidence and improved my communication skills with the constant interaction with various doctors and patients. The overall experience was enjoyable but there were times when it was heart-rending. I had been close to many terminally ill patients and their families, helping and caring for them to where I could. I gave them tea, interviewed them about their background and empathizing to them to build their spirits. Aside from the hospital work I also volunteered in a local elderly home where I have met another group of patients.

I have done a lot to continue my career in medicine and I hope that it will be useful in my studies. I will do my best to make a contribution to our future health care development.
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Learn How to Create an Outstanding Medicine Personal Statement

In order for a medicine personal statement to be effective, it needs to be well-written. A coherent and interesting personal statement can help you get accepted in the medical school of your dreams. Here is everything you should know about how to create an outstanding personal statement for med school. Take note of these tips:

  • If you want to write a strong personal statement, you need to start by investigating the program and the school you are applying to. Try to align your academic interests with the ones offered by the school.
  • Do a good brainstorming session and write down positive things about you. Write down moments that shaped you and encouraged you to pursue this path.
  • Create an outline where you include all the required information and answer the question you need to address.
  • Write your personal statement with positive, clear, and direct language. Remember that you are enrolling in this course because you will probably want to become a doctor. So start talking like one.
  • Show the admission committee why you are a good fit for the school. Do not list your strengths. Instead, use personal stories to illustrate them.
  • Always remember to revise your personal statement and proofread it once you have finished. Typos and mistakes reflect poorly on your application.

The Right Structure of a Personal Statement

A personal statement for medical school should follow a particular structure while meeting the word count. You should start by writing a first catchy paragraph. It should catch the reader’s attention. Then, you should write from three to four paragraphs that will be the main body of your personal statement. Conclude your paper with a strong conclusion. The last part is likely the part that the admission committee will remember. So try to make it memorable. Now, what should you include in your personal statement? Here are the main points you need to add:

  • For the introduction, you will have to introduce yourself and tell about why you are applying to that course.
  • Convince the admission committee that you know where you are applying to, that you have made your research.
  • The main body of your paper needs to showcase your clinical understanding and your health service skills.
  • The conclusion is basically a summary of what you have written before.

The Features of Personal Statement for Medical School

A personal statement for medical school is a little bit different than other types of statements. If you search a medicine personal statement sample, you will see that the writer demonstrate their core values and principles through personal anecdotes. This type of personal statement also reflects on service. It should tell if you are willing to serve your community. And, again, it uses anecdotes to illustrate those points. So, a personal statement for medical school is different from others, that’s for sure. But how it differs? Take a look at these points:

  • A personal statement for medical school uses direct and clear language. Since it will be using technical words, it needs to be easy to comprehend.
  • It also illustrates academic knowledge, personal traits, and motives with stories. It makes the paper more interesting.
  • It has to reflect on your clinical understanding. On how familiar are you with the field.
  • Unlike other types of personal statements, one for medical school should reflect on how you can serve your community. It should show your core values.

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