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MBA Letter of Intent Writing Help

Importance of Your Letter of Intent MBA

MBA schools never feel so unique and desirable, as at the time devoted to reading applicants’ letters of intent or personal statements. Letters of intention may consist of obligatory documents or one of the topics for essay writing. The main question you have to answer is why exactly you are the most suitable candidate. Each MBA school has its own requirements and points that must be highlighted in the personal statement and you can find them on schools’ sites or miscellaneous blogs. Some of the applicants may need personal statement help while working on them.

There are many reasons why you should think of your letter of intent MBA as one of the most important documents of your application. For example:

  • It will help you stand out from the competition. Your letter of intent is the only paper that will make your application more personal.
  • It is where you can convince the admission jury that you are a strong candidate. Your letter of intent is the paper that will differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.
  • An MBA letter of intent can help you get into the course if you have a lower average than the other candidates.
  • A letter of intent can help you illustrate your desire to enroll in that specific course. If you explain it with personal stories and anecdotes, the admission board will be able to connect with your story.
  • It will also help you demonstrate your analytical and writing skills, as well as your academic goals.

Get Ideas from MBA Letter of Intent Sample

Effective Sample Letter of Intent for Executive MBA Great Business School Letter of Intent Examples
sample letter of intent for executive mba business school letter of intent examples

Choose a Program Before Writing MBA Letter of Intent

So if you have decided to enroll in an MBA program, here is a list of 10 MBA schools where you can apply. Each one of them has a link to their site. Make sure you click each name to go to their website.

letter of intent

Steps for Writing Your Letter of Intent MBA

In spite of the differences in writing a statement of purpose for MBA school, some steps should be followed anyway:

  • Read carefully more then once requirements and an MBA letter of intent sample, if given: you have no right to miss any detail.
  • Start your letter by providing brief notice where you heard first about this school and explain in details why it grabbed your attention: here you can show your acquaintance with the school’s history and its philosophy.
  • Be specific in depicting your skills and strengths, because an excellent educational background is a plus of more than half of all applicants.
  • Emphasize the qualities you want to develop and how B-school can mediate in this process.
  • Talk about your goals and future plans, underline how they are bound to business school and focus on the contributions you can make to the development of B-school and its image.
  • When you feel unconfident about your application: low GPA or GMAT scores, short work experience or problems with essay writing, letter of intent MBA is a wonderful opportunity to explain these shortcomings. Your self-description should portray you as a purposeful and dedicated person, who has no fear of failures and problems: he is lifeless that is faultless. If not sure, review the sample letter of intent MBA as guidance.
  • The personal statement is also a demonstration of your communication skills. Be convincing and simple: common erudition will impress, but too long and complicated sentences will be intended as a showcase.
  • Be sure that your MBA letter of intent can’t be sent to several business schools because it was written only for a specific program.
  • Proofread. It is better done by the third side: friends, parents or college professors.
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What You Should Avoid in Your MBA Letter of Intent

A strong letter of intent is a powerful paper that can help you achieve the results you want. Thus, making sure you write a compelling one is vital. To do so, you will have to avoid some simple mistakes when writing your letter. Making sure you know them in advance, can help you ensure your letter is powerful, persuasive, and well-written. These are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  • Avoid, by all means, using slang in your letter. If you read a well-written sample letter of intent MBA, you will see it is written in plain language.
  • Do not include unnecessary information. You may think that a personal story is relevant to the degree, but if you do not link it to your main argument, then, do not include it.
  • Not taking the time to write your letter. You cannot write a good letter in one afternoon. If you write it slowly and take a few days to do it, you will make sure it is a powerful letter.
  • Not revising your letter once you have finished writing it. After you write your paper, you will need to proofread it to make sure there are no typos or mistakes.

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