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Carnegie Mellon Application Essay Writing

The Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a private non-profit university dedicated to research. It has a 24% acceptance rate and 88% of graduation rate. This university is popular for its science and technology programs. Carnegie Mellon University started as a technical school founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie. And, in 1967, it became the Carnegie Mellon University after the tech school merged with the Mellon Institute. Some famous alumni have walked through their campus. Learn more about Carnegie Mellon University personal statement to be prepared.

Andy Warhol and James Gosling studied here. Besides offering the traditional programs, it also has a wide range of interdisciplinary programs. Here you will be able to combine Computer Science and Arts, Music and Technology, or Science and Arts. They also have great graduate programs that involve Machine Learning and Computational Biology. If you want to learn more about it, these are its numbers.

Check them out:

  • It has 14,528 students from 113 countries
  • It has 1,391 faculty members from 51 countries
  • In 2018, it was named the number one school in Computer Science
  • It has seven schools and colleges

The Carnegie Mellon Application Process

If you want to apply to this university, you should be familiar with the Carnegie Mellon application process. If you want to enroll in one of their course, you should apply via the Common Application, which you can access after August 15. After you have sent your application, the school will notify you that they have received it and that they will process it. Depending on the program you are applying to, you will have to follow other requirements.

This is the case for students who want to enroll in an Art, Drama, Design, or Architecture program. The Carnegie Mellon application deadlines will vary depending on the plan you choose. For the early decision, you will need to submit your application by November 1st. For regular decision, you will have to submit everything by January 1st.

For early admission, January 1st, and if you are a transfer student you will need to send your transcript by October 15th, February 15th, or December 1st depending on the semester and program you want to enroll. There are certain requirements that you need to meet as part of the application process. These are some of them:

  • Application fee ($75)
  • Common application
  • School transcript
  • Recommendation letter
  • Admission essay
  • Portfolio for creative programs
  • Standardized testing scores
  • IELTS or TOEFL score if you are a non-native English speaker

The Importance of an Application Essay

An application essay is one of the most crucial documents of your application. It will tell the admission committee who you are, what your intellectual goals are, and how prepared are you to study that program. Like other admission essays, the Carnegie Mellon application essay plays an important part on your admission.

Many students will be applying to the same course as you, they will be sharing the same scores and degrees. So the only way the admission committee can make their choice is by the application essay. There are many reasons why you should submit a well-written essay. Take a look at some of them:

  • Your application essay is a reflection of yourself. It will tell the admission committee how well can you express yourself.
  • It needs to be impeccable, as submitting an essay with mistakes will reflect poorly in you.
  • The application essay is the only paper where you will have the chance to convince the admission committee that you are a strong candidate. Make sure you write an interesting one.

Create a Strong Carnegie Mellon Application Essay

To make sure that you submit a strong essay, you need to know what is behind winning Carnegie Mellon admission essays. Besides addressing the question, and fixing all your typos, there are other things you need to include and do when writing your application essay. This list will help you learn how to create a strong application essay worthy of sending to Carnegie Mellon. Take note of it:

  • Researching is one of the most important parts of this essay. If you were thinking that you did not need to investigate for your application essay, you are wrong. You will need to know the areas of expertise of the college you want to apply as well as their expectations.
  • Understanding the question you need to address is vital. Read it several times and ensure that you know what they are asking you to write.
  • Write down your strongest skills and goals. Also, think of a decisive moment in your life that shaped you. You will need to link it to the question and illustrate your strengths through it.
  • Create an outline before writing your essay. Organize your ideas and look for the best way to answer the question.
  • Write your application essay with plain language. Use direct sentences and be optimistic when talking about yourself.
  • Revise it once you finish writing. Fix any mistakes and make changes if you think your paper can be improved.

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