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Fordham University Application Essay Tips

The Fordham University

The Fordham University is a Jesuit Catholic university based in New York. It was founded in 1841 by Joseph M. McShane. And in 1904 it became a university. Their three core values are: take care of others, strive for excellence, and fight for justice. It has three campuses – Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester – that host a total of 9 schools and colleges. At this university, you will be able to study Law, Business, Art, Religion, Social Service, among other programs, and all of them require personal statement writing. These are some of the numbers that summarize the university. Take a look at them:

  • They have an acceptance rate of 46.4%
  • They have a total of 15,582 enrolled students
  • From which 9,258 are undergraduates
  • 2,199 are freshmen students
  • And 6,324 are graduate and professional students
  • They have given 168 Fulbright Scholarships since 2003
  • And 1,597 awards and scholarships
  • A total of 165,535 students have graduated from their colleges
  • They have provided around 1 million community service hours per year

The Jesuit University of New York is dedicated to enriching not only the minds of its students but also their moral values and encompasses both traditional and modern way of teaching. Since 1814, it had been dedicated to helping develop the intellectual, moral and religious development guided by its conventional methods.

Fordham University is committed to enriching the understanding of its undergrad, graduate and professional scholars in helping them become future leaders and catalysts of change and progress. They offer an equal balance of faith and reason in valiant pursuit of knowledge and truth and it has been privileged to help the community through their historical implications and societal contributions.

Fordham University Application Process

The Fordham University application process has a different path depending on the type of student you are. If you are a transfer or international student, check their site as you will need to submit other documents. If you are a typical freshman, the process will involve submitting an online application, writing an essay and sending the additional materials. The Fordham University admission requirements also vary from the admission process you took.

In a typical admission process, you will be required to submit an essay, where you tell the admission committee who you are. You will also need to submit your high school transcript, SAT score, and a letter of recommendation. The Fordham University admission deadline is key to ensure that your application is processed correctly. These are the deadlines you should save:

  • November 1 – Early Action
  • November 1 – Early Decision
  • November 1 – Priority Performance
  • January 11 – Regular Decision

Admissions are currently open and they have a wide variety of majors and minor subjects, which can help students enhance their field of expertise through community development and analytical thinking. There are a few guidelines and tuition fee information that college applicants must meet. But when you have proven to be a deserving student, the Fordham University offers scholarships grant which can help to pay for the quality education they ought to have. The University is committed to trying to give the learning that students require hence they give out financial assistance to those who cannot afford to go to the University.

The Role of the Admission Essay

The Fordham University application essay is an important part of your application. It will help you present yourself as a strong candidate. Through it, the admission committee will be able to decide if you are a good fit for them and if they are a good fit for you. Fordham University does not do personal interviews. So it is important that you help them make an idea about yourself, your core values and your goals.

The admission committee will also want to know how well do you express yourself in a paper, and if you take care of the little details and fix all the errors you may have made. To make the most of your essay, you will need to include certain things. Take note of them:

  • You will have to illustrate your strengths, values, and motivations.
  • Explain who you are by answering the essay question.
  • Demonstrate your intellectual knowledge by using some technical words relevant to the field.
  • You should also include facts about yourself that showcase that you are ready for an intellectual challenge and that you have the motivation to finish it.

Write a Successful Fordham University Application Essay

Submitting a strong Fordham University admission essay is vital to make sure that you get accepted. As we mentioned before, Fordham University does not do personal interviews. So the only chance you have to present yourself is through your application essay. Learning how to write a successful one does not have to be complicated. We have created a list of tips for writing personal statement and steps that you can use to improve it. Take note of them:

  • Investigate in advance what are the university’s core values. What do they want you to learn?
  • Write down your strengths, the ones that will help you demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate. You can do a brainstorming session to make it easier.
  • Read the question you need to answer and make sure that you have understood it. Think of different moments in your life that are related to the topic and pick the one where you will be able to showcase your skills.
  • Draft an outline to organize your thoughts and to help you answer the question coherently. Include all your skills there.
  • Write your essay following your outline. Critically approach the answer that you need to address and demonstrate that you are a critical thinker with excellent writing skills.
  • Fordham University takes writing very seriously. And they will not accept a personal statement with mistakes and spelling errors. So take your time to revise it.

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