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Johns Hopkins Application Essay Writing

John Hopkins Schools and Divisions

john hopkins personal statementJohns Hopkins University is the first university in the Western Hemisphere which is based on European research institution. The university is committing itself to produce competent future leaders in their fields of expertise through relevant research, quality and affordable education and morally upright citizens. If you want to study here, a John Hopkins University personal statement is one of many papers you’ll need to write.

The diversity of their community is a proper gateway for their scholars to learn from different background experiences and a variety of views, culture, and race. The university strives to maintain an environment which not only maximizes the academic potential of their scholars but also a place where faculty members and staff are encouraged to learn from their daily experiences in the campus.

John Hopkins is a renowned name in the list of institutions across the globe. The institution has given space to more than 24k part-time and full-time students. Baltimore, Maryland, Montgomery County, and Washington DC are the states where there are 4 popular campuses of the university with nine academic divisions. Those famous 9 divisions of the schools are being mentioned here:

  • Peabody Institute
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Medicine
  • Whiting School of Engineering
  • School of Education
  • Carey Business School
  • Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
  • Applied Physics Laboratory
  • School of Advanced International Studies

There are some distinctions in the admission process of each of these school. The official website of the university has all the related information in detail. The research department is highly popular and has furnished innumerable academic papers so far. Many of the brilliant people are the John Hopkins passouts. This school is ideal to seek quality education. The students with good academic grades also get scholarships to study without spending an ample sum of money. Many of the international students move to the United States only to pursue an educational career in this university.

Johns Hopkins Admission Requirements

Here are the main requirements to apply for any program in JHU. From August through January for the fall semester, the applications are accepted by JHU.

  • The 1st year candidates are supposed to submit Universal College Application, Common Application and Coalition for Common Application.
  • The Johns Hopkins application essay is also required to submit for admission.
  • The transcripts of the previous academic results are also mandatory to submit by meeting the other admission criteria.
  • Write a personal statement and submit it through online and direct mail.

Deadline for Johns Hopkins Application

The final date of submitting applications (for native and international students) is 1st November. There is no policy of extension in the date. The applicants must appear in the ACT or SAT Reasoning test to qualify for a certain degree program.

  • Regular Decision: January 2
  • Early Decision: November 1
  • Transfer: March 1

The application process is based on 5 main steps.

  • The supplement and application are provided to the university so that they consider you as a candidate.
  • The high school profile, transcript, and school counselor recommendation are submitted in the second phase of the application process.
  • The insight from the 2 expert teachers is provided to the work and the candidate him/herself in the evaluation process.
  • All the first year applicants are required to take the ACT or SAT Reasoning exam.
  • Submit an updated transcript and a mid-year report whether you are a Regular Decision applicant or admitted Early Decision student. This is how you have to go through the process of applying to John Hopkins University.

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Eminent Assumption of Roles in Leadership

JHU in numbers:

  • 20,000 scholars
  • 3 campuses
  • 27,000 employees

It is considered to be one of Maryland’s largest employers. College applicants can choose from a wide variety of their major and minor programs to help them avail a superior education. Johns Hopkins University is preparing their enrollees in the eminent assumption of roles in the future whether it is in leadership, responsibility towards personal development and even service to the society.

You can become better aware of the options you have to most effectively exercise your leadership by being thoughtful about your assumptions. Leadership is not just related to decision making. Have a look at six assumptions about a role in leadership. These are important to keep in mind for a better idea about leadership roles assumptions.

  • Level of Decisiveness and time to reach the final decision
  • How much attentive you’re and today and what are the plans for tomorrow?
  • Level of being self-concerned
  • Level of trust in others
  • Organizational value
  • The hierarchy in the personal view of leadership

Johns Hopkins Application Tips

The Johns Hopkins application essay prompt is: you have to submit a single essay with 300 to 400 words of required length in the form of a writing supplement. When you collaborated with others and to share your thoughts on the experience, the prompt asks you to recount a time. You are actually not prepared to become a part of JHU in case of not getting familiar with these tips. The admission in JHU is not so simple and many people consider it a big achievement to become part of this institution.

  • Practice hard for writing application essays. These essays are assessed by the highly experienced admission committee members.
  • Do the proper preparation for tests by studying well. Give ample time to study and never lose the focus.
  • Be honest in whatever you write in the application essay. Honesty is important to make the way towards JHU.
  • Letters of recommendation writing practice are also necessary if required.
  • Have a backup of all the supplements. Make sure that you have both the hard and soft copies of all the submitted documents to the university.
  • Apply online because it is the first step to be considered as a candidate.
  • Research well about the university and study program. It is possible that it is offering some course subjects which you’re not interested to learn.
  • Talk to the university about any issue related to the application procedure. The internet is helpful but doesn’t give solutions to all the problems. You should deal with the admission complications by contacting directly to the university’s administration.

Your Winning Application Essay Writing Hacks

You are not late if you have a mere two weeks to submit the required supplements and documents for admission and you don’t know the right ways of writing an essay. Almost every applicant goes through the same phase because they hardly learn about writing a triumphant admission essay in the entire academic period. These tips would be your savior and can help to compose the ideal admission application essay.

  • Proofread the text before finalizing your essay. The proofreading is not all about rectifying the misspelled words. It is also related to replacing irrelevant words with suitable ones.
  • Tie up loose ends. Well, the content must highlight all of your skills and achievements in previous academic tenure.
  • Create an outline for the essay. It is not possible to write a captivating application without planning what to add and what not.
  • Write the essay and read the sentences thoroughly to figure out if there’s something hard to digest content.
  • Ease yourself into the essay-writing process. Get to know your prompt.
  • Get your creative juices flowing by brainstorming all the possible ideas you can think of to address your college essay question. Brainstorming is a suggested way to end up in writing a unique writing piece.
  • Do not exceed the standard word limit. You must confirm the required length of the essay for application and then begin to work on it.
  • Read, read and read. It is a key to get the well-furnished form of your admission essay.

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College application plays a major crossroad in the academic career of the student. Whilst it is important that your prospective university is affordable, the cost efficiency of it should not also compromise the quality of education the student requires. The admission committee of every university will not only look into your GPA scores but also consider the amount of time and how well made your admission essay, personal statement writing and your letter of intent writing will be.

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