Residency Personal Statement For Medicine

Residency Personal Statement For MedicineGeneral Medicine is one of the most sought for residency programs with hundreds of residents applying for it every year. Here are some tips  and general guidelines from Personal Statement Writers that will help you to secure a spot at a General Medicine residency program.

General Medicine Residency Program Requirements

Personal Statement Writers give you the full list of documents that have to be submitted via ERAS in order to be eligible for the General Medicine residency program:

– Medical school transcripts;

– Dean’s letter;

– Three recommendation letters;

Residency personal statement;

– USMLE Step I score report;

– USMLE Steps II and III score reports (if available). All General Medicine residency program applicants are strongly encouraged to take USMLE Step 2 prior residency training;

– Current photo
– ECFMG certificate (if available).

Some Points That Will Help With Securing A Spot At General Medicine Residency

Personal Statement Writers remind you that along with the documents you will have to send three letters of recommendation preferably submitted by faculty members as well as by individuals who can provide knowledgeable references for you. There is no minimum passing USMLE score for this program, but keep in mind that there will be competition, so the higher the score, the better chances you will have of getting accepted.

Importance Of General Medicine Personal Statement

From the abovementioned information you can make a conclusion that residency personal statement plays an important role in the admission process, thus it is imperative for you is to pay very close attention to its preparation. According to Personal Statement Writers,  in it, you should provide information that describes your personality, your traits, and characteristics that would make you a favorable candidate for a spot in the residency program. Describe why and how you are planning on benefitting from a particular program and that you will be a valuable asset, and you will do great. You will surely do even greater if you order your residency personal statement from us! Our professional personal statement writers can’t wait to start working on it!