Residency Personal Statement For Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is a very prestigious and sought for medical specialty, so there is a fierce competition among residents for a spot in ophthalmology program. Personal Statement Writers would like to provide you with some general information on this program as well as give you a few hints on how to overcome your competitors and secure a place in it.

Ophthalmology Residency Program Requirements

Ophthalmology residency program participates in the Ophthalmology Matching Program (OMP), thus all applicants should request an application directly from the OMP. Personal Statement Writers draw your attention to the basic requirements that the applicants should meet in order to be eligible for ophthalmology residency program.

All residents should:

ophthalmology personal statementbe LCME-accredited medical school graduates

ophthalmology personal statementbe American Osteopathic Association graduates

ophthalmology personal statementpass Step I and II of the USMLE

Together with that, all applicants should provide the program director with the following documents:

  • undergraduate diploma
  • medical school diploma
  • current medical license
  • current basic life support certification
  • current advanced cardiac life support certification
  • CV
  • three letters of recommendation
  • Dean’s Letter
  • fellowship personal statement

ophthalmology personal statement

The Role Of Residency Personal Statement In Ophthalmology Application Process

Residency Personal Statement For OphthalmologyMajority of potential ophthalmology residents stress too much on their grades, recommendation letters and CVs and forget that ophthalmology personal statement also has certain value in the eyes of the program director. As a matter of fact, it is one of the crucial documents, because if the grades are the same and applicants possess similar skills and abilities, it is residency personal statement that can differentiate you from other applicants and give you advantage. Thus its importance shouldn’t be underestimated and when you are writing a residency personal statement, try to describe your positive personal traits, your ultimate goals, your willingness to become an ophthalmologist, the ways in which you can bring in new knowledge and experience, etc. Our personal statement writers want you to remember that they are always ready to give you a helping hand with all the aspects of your pesonal statement writing process! Only ask – and we will come to rescue you!

ophthalmology personal statement