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Take Advantage of DNP Personal Statement: Read These 6 Tips

The Importance of Your DNP Personal Statement

dnp goal statement sampleWith the top schools accepting less than 30% of the applicants you can be sure that your application is going to need to stand out if you are going to get yourself onto a DNP program. Becoming a Doctor of Nursing Practice can open many doors in your future career however you first need to be accepted for a place. Many of your competitors will have equally as impressive qualifications as you do and there will be little to choose between you. This is why your personal statement will be so important.

A good personal statement will often be the deciding factor in the decision-making process so it really does need to be capable of making you stand out from your competitors. Achieving the standard required, however, is not going to be easy. But if you are going to have any chance at all of winning your place you will need to put in the hard work to ensure that your f.e. MSW personal statement is as good as it possibly can be.

The DNP personal statement is considered as an important document for selecting a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. You can even expect direct rejection in case of writing the inappropriate personal statement of DNP. here are some popular programs of DNP that you can consider to get the admission.

These all the famous institutions to pursue education for the DNP program. The criteria of admission for all the universities are different. Choosing any of these programs would be quite beneficial for you. The courses are advanced and the faculty members are also highly qualified in these universities. You would build a successful career after choosing one from these institutions.

Tips for Writing Your Application DNP Essay

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A personal statement for DNP application does not need to be hard to write if you think about it logically and carefully. You can look at a DNP goal statement sample written by another for ideas as to how to write your own and also what should be included. However you should never just copy any sample that you look at, nor should you just accept that it is going to be a good sample. The following advice will help you with writing your own personal statement to a high standard:

  • Structure your personal statement to get the interest of the reader. Your opening should be an interesting personal anecdote that will be capable of hooking the reader in and getting them interested in what you have to say. You should then write your statement so that it flows well; more like a story than a repeat of what you have in your resume.
  • Cover all of the areas that the reader will be interested in:
  • Why are you interested in nursing?
  • What are your future career plans?
  • Why is a DNP important to your future?
  • What skills and abilities do you have that will benefit your studies?
  • Why are you applying to this specific program rather than another?
  • Write about yourself at all times; this is a personal statement and about your passions and dreams for the future. Do not write about others, do not use quotations and never plagiarize what anyone else has already written.
  • Use writing that everyone will understand. Do not try to be flowery with your language to look clever; also do not use your thesaurus to find words that most readers will not be able to recognize or may even misinterpret. Also, avoid all forms of slang or acronyms.
  • Write in a very concise manner without any form of filler to increase your word count. Only write about things that are totally relevant to your application and your future career.
  • Proofread very carefully. Even a single mistake could be seen as a lack of interest on your part by the reader to ensure that your statement is totally free of errors. If English is not your first language have it read by someone that is a native speaker.

Some Expert Advice Regarding Your DNP Statement Writing

“Try to put yourself in the shoes of an admissions officer. You sit down to read essay after essay among (potentially) thousands. You have a limited pool of acceptances to offer in this throng of sameness and mediocrity. You are going to be looking for reasons to throw an essay in the trash can. One way of preventing that from happening is to engage in storytelling. Everyone — even people who hate reading — love to read interesting writing. They want something that doesn’t feel like a chore to get through and a good story gets the job done.” Aric Mitchell

When you begin to write a personal statement for DNP, make it sure that you follow the instruction properly. The psyche of admission committees is to see the length of the document and then decide whether to read it thoroughly or not. Therefore, keeping the attention towards the actual length of PS is definitely not something you ignore. Secondly, the use of words does matter too. If the vocabulary of your personal statements is not ideal, you are likely to face trouble in selection.

  • The experts always recommend to fix the errors and read out the document loud to spot the minor errors as well.
  • Practice would make you perfect in writing a PS. So, you need to practice hard for the successful ultimate outcome.
  • Do not use the word repetitively. The readers never encourage those personal statements which are based on repetition of content.
  • Plan before you write. It is better to enlist the points that have to be included in the PS.
  • Ask for the feedback. The successful students who have recently got admission in the well-reputed school or the PS writing experts can help you well in recommending what to add and what not.

We Can Help with Your DNP Statement Writing

If you want to gain an edge over your competition then getting expert support with your personal statement writing is the way to go. We offer superior and highly specialized help through some of the best qualified and most experienced consultants that you will find online in any field f.e. pathology personal statement. They know precisely how your DNP personal statement should be drafted and can provide you with all the help that you need to get yourself noticed. Check out these benefits of hiring our services.

  • The writers talk to the clients before making any amendments as per the personal choice.
  • We do not steal the text content and provide the plagiarism report with the document too.
  • The data is always kept confidential.
  • You have the best opportunity to ask us for making the corrections multiple times in the documents.

So if you need a DNP personal statement that is going to get you noticed just contact our experts here for affordable and effective help!

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