Technische Universität München Admissions

Technische Universität München, also known as TUM is a public, government funded research university founded in 1868 in Munich, Germany and having campuses in Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan. The university is home to 9,704 academic staff and over 35,000 students, of which 18% are international. TUM is most notable for its programs and courses in Nanoscience, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Life Sciences, and Food and Nutrition Science.

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Admission To-Do List

  • Undergraduate
  • Proof of German Language Skills
  • Online Application
  • Foreign university entrance qualifications
  • Documents for previous education
  • Certificate of student health insurance
  • Proof of military service/community service
  • Proof of Internships/community involvement
  • German language certificate
  • Cover letter/resume/essay
  • Graduate
  • Online Application
  • Bachelor’s certificate and diploma
  • Certificate of student health insurance
  • Language certificate in German
  • Letter of motivation, Resume, Essay/Personal Statement
  • English language proficiency


Writing Supplement:
A personal statement explaining why you have chosen this master’s program and TUM specifically (max. 2 pages) See more

Application Deadlines

July 15
Summer, undergraduate
October 31
Winter, undergraduate
December 31
Summer, graduate
May 31
Winter, graduate

Famous Graduates

Heinrich Otto Wieland

Chemist/Nobel Prize

Hans Fischer

Chemist/Nobel Prize

Advice on Personal Statement for Technische Universität München Admissions

The Technische Universität München personal statement is one of the most important parts of the application process to this university. It needs to focus on the applicant, the sole purpose for why they want to study at the university, their future goals, and their academic achievements. It is crucial for the applicant to write about personal skills that they possess that will benefit the program in which they are applying for. The purpose of the essay is for the Committee to really get to know the applicant and decide what makes them stand out from all the rest. The help from professionals assures the best quality work and you should focus on it. In short, the quintessential way to write the personal statement can resolve all of your problems. Try to fix the errors appropriately to work in favor of the selection committee. The personal statements can either make or break the chances of success for you. Technische Universität München offers several valuable programs but submission of a well-written PS is one of their major conditions.