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Best Tips on Writing a BBA Personal Statement

The Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a degree where you will have to study commerce and business administration. It usually takes four years to be completed and it gives students the necessary tools to know how to administrate a business. It has many career options and is one of the most popular degrees. Personal statements tell a lot about the student and the continual pursuit of academic excellence will highly depend on the student’s ability to create a winning BBA personal statement.

There are key principles used by many personal statement writers but there is no specific formula that should be followed, it must only have concreteness, proper structure, usage of words and details included in the BBA personal statement. A good personal statement should not only be top notch but this must be able to communicate effectively the student’s goals, objectives and academic achievements in order to provide the necessary leverage. Choosing the right school for you is a vital part to ensure you get the results you want. That’s why we have gathered ten schools and colleges that offer a Bachelor of Business Administration program.

Each one of them contains a link to their website, so make sure you click on the name to go to their site.

Here are several tips that should be useful when writing a competent personal statement:

  • Many professional statement writers utilize the sensory language which helps the admission tutor to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the various experience and details that the student want to relay.
  • Do not overwhelm the reader by too much information instead use sub topics and essential concepts to compartmentalize details from very important to least important data.
  • When writing a BBA personal statement, minimize the usage of clichés as this could be easily done by other applicants. Communicate events, academic attainments, personal struggles and ideas with specifics and directness.
  • Make sure to use great introductions when writing your BBA personal statements, this will lessen the possibility that readers will only skim your paper.
  • Always be honest, include information about your possible contribution to the diverse environment of the institution which could add excellence to their reputation.
  • Use relevant information on your BBA personal statement. You want to make sure the reader gets to know you and see that you are a good fit for their course.
  • Avoid complex sentences. Instead, use plain language and link your phrases coherently. Your personal statement should be easy to read.
  • Describe your skills with personal anecdotes and stories. This will help the reader connect with your story, and will also help you to stand out from the competition.
  • Remember to include any personal project or research that you have undertaken and that have helped you expand your knowledge on the subject.
  • Include your career aspirations and academic goals. State what benefits will you get from the program.
  • Do not forget to proofread your personal statement. Once you have finished writing it, make sure you take your time to revise it.

Effective personal statement writers can help any students write a compelling BBA personal statement thus increasing the possibility of admission. These personal statement writers utilize all the necessary essentials in order to generate a winning personal statement.

The Right Structure of BBA Personal Statement

Following the right structure for your personal statement can help you ensure the reader understands what you are saying. It will also help you make sure that your essay is coherent and that you have addressed all the main points. If you read our personal statement sample BBA you will see it has a simple basic structure where all the required information is included. Check this simple structure for your BBA personal statement. Make sure you follow it as it will guarantee that you will write a strong personal statement.

  • First paragraph. The first sentence of your personal statement has to be catchy. You need to make sure the reader is interested in reading your essay. Mention, as well, the BBA degree and what attracted you to it.
  • Second paragraph. Talk about the things you have done to expand your knowledge on the subject.
  • Third paragraph. Mention any activities that you have done that are related to the course, like work experiences or extracurricular activities.
  • Fourth paragraph. Describe your personal skills and use anecdotes to support your arguments.
  • Fifth paragraph. Conclude by stating your academic and career goals.

The Opportunities You Can Get with a BBA Degree

Studying a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has many advantages. Besides developing a great number of skills, there are many career opportunities you can get with it. You can work for private and public organizations, big and small companies, individuals, professionals, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and the long list continue. A BBA degree gives you all the necessary tools you need to manage a business. It prepares you for a wide range of jobs. Here are some of the careers you can do as a BBA graduate:

  • Financial Advisor. You can work as a self-employed advisor or for one company. As a financial advisor, you will be in charge of ensuring the company’s finances are in a good position. You will be the one behind some of the financial decisions, and you will have to advise the board on some financial moves.
  • Manager. You can manage a small team at a company, a retail store, a hotel, or any other establishment. But you can also manage the largest departments. A manager is in charge of making sure things runs smoothly. They take important decisions to guarantee the stability of the company and the team.
  • Marketer. As a marketer, you will have to draw the marketing plan of the company. You will be able to work with the creative departments, or with the sales department.
  • Entrepreneur. If you want to establish your own company, a BBA degree will help you. It will give the necessary information you need to make sure your startup arrives where you want.

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