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Personal Statement Writing Tips From Our Experts

There are so many hurdles on your way to successful university studies or to a well-paid job. Hesitating how to apply, if it’s a correct choice if the personal statement or admission essay is written up to the committee’s expectations? Read our tips to understand what aims of admission papers are, what structure is the proper one, how to make your language winning, when analysis should be conducted to forecast the future decision and many other useful hints.

How Important Is Your Personal Statement or Essay in the Admission Process?

When applying to a program or course, you will be competing with many talented students. You will likely share the same grades and have the same academic background. So, how will the admission committee choose the best candidates for them if they are all the same? Through your personal statement or essay.

Your personal statement is the most important part of your application. It will be the one telling the admission committee that you are a strong and suitable candidate for their program. That you are familiar with the field and that you have got what it takes to finish that course. A personal statement can influence the final decision of the admission committee. It can affect their decision by:

  • Not finding you a suitable candidate if you submit a poorly-written essay.
  • Thinking that you are a perfect match for them if your personal statement is coherently written and it is relevant and interesting.
  • If they do not find what they are looking for, they will probably not grant you an interview.

Tips for Writing Personal Statement Introduction

A strong introduction is the best way to catch the reader’s attention. If you make your intro interesting, the admission committee will be more likely to remember it. Following some tips on writing personal statement can help you write the perfect intro. Our expert writers have listed some useful tips based on their experience. Take note of them:

  • If you are stuck writing personal statement, which is more usual than you think, take a break and brainstorm some ideas. You can also go for a short walk as it will help you think more clearly.
  • A strong introduction should tell the admission committee who you are and what are your motives for choosing that course.
  • It should be brief and written with clear and short sentences.
  • A good intro should avoid humor. You may risk offending the committee.
  • Before you start writing your introduction, you should take a moment to create an outline. Organize your ideas and see which information would you like to include first.
  • You can start by telling something unexpected. But keep it professional.

Create an Impressive Personal Statement

A strong personal statement can help you make your dreams come true. And, since it is an important part of your application, you need to be sure you are writing a powerful one. If you want to know how you can create an impressive essay, make sure you read these tips for writing personal statement. Our pros have gathered the most useful tips that you can follow. Take note of them and keep this information at hand in case you need to refer to it when writing your paper:

  • Be positive when talking about yourself. Your personal statement should focus on your strengths and what makes you unique. So leave your weakness out of your paper.
  • Use clear and direct language. Help the reader understand what you are saying by avoiding complex sentences.
  • Do not make use of cliches. They may seem like an easy resource to add words to your paper, but they do not provide useful information. Rather than helping your personal statement, they will bring it down by showcasing your lack of creativity.
  • Demonstrate your skills by illustrating them with personal anecdotes. They can help you connect with the reader and make your paper more interesting.
  • One of the most important tips is to revise your essay once you finish writing it. It will prevent you from submitting a poorly-written paper that will reflect poorly on your application.

Tips on Writing Personal Statement and Prepare for It

Doing some pre-work before you start writing your personal statement can help you write a strong one. There are many ways you can prepare for writing your essay. If you want to know what our professional writers do, check this list. It will help you learn how to start writing personal statement. Copy this checklist and use it before you start writing your personal statement:

  • Investigate the college and program you are applying to
  • Brainstorm your personal skills and traits
  • Find a decisive moment in your life that shaped you and helped you pursue this career path
  • Read some examples online to familiarize with the format you should use
  • Create an outline following the structure of a winning personal statement

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