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Tips on Student Exchange Motivation Letter Writing

student exchange motivation letter tipsPersonal Statement Writers believe that participating in a student exchange programs is a beneficial, experiential and cross-cultural undertaking for any student, regardless of the field of study. Living and studying in another country will give you valuable exposure to other cultures, schemas, mentalities and the opportunity to learn more about different worldviews and strategies. It is also a step towards significantly improving your foreign language skills. Personal Statement Writers advise you to take advantage of student exchange programs if you are ever presented with the opportunity. However, always keep in mind that hundreds of other students may also want to take advantage of this chance, so while applying you should try your best to create an outstanding student exchange program motivation letter to present yourself as the perfect candidate! The length for the student exchange motivation letter is considered to be normal when it doesn’t exceed 1-2 pages, yet is able to reach minimum 250 words that is a half a page writing. Ever wondered how to write a great motivation letter for student exchange program? Here you go!

Expert Advice on How to Write Student Exchange Motivation Letter:

An “average” is tossed away. The first and the most important rule to keep in mind – the worst mistake you can do is to copy someone else’s work. Don’t assume that even thoroughly rewritten copy can elicit a big impact, you have to be different, different enough in your story to persuade and convince the reader.

Keep the style. Write in the engaging and positive manner, not like the person suffering from chronic depression, however, remember that the language you are writing in should be plain enough, not overly academical, formal or complicated.

Mention all that is mentionable. What does it mean? Applying to the certain exchange program the student is expected to give the definite reasons why he/she have chosen it, be convincing but not arrogant.

Be explainable. Explain why the chosen program appeals to you, why it is relevant and how it will contribute to your future academic plans fruition.

Facts and reasons first. Put only the most relevant facts and experiences from your past that contributed to your interests development in the present, deliver how the other country’s environment will contribute to your goal.

Summarize. You need to know how to summarize all that you said before in the 1 sentence at the end and make the conclusions. Don’t forget to finish the letter properly, by saying “thank you for considering my application” and mentioning your name.

student exchange motivation letter writingOur Personal Statement Writers have a great deal of experience writing motivation letters and want provide you with some winning essay writing tips for an exchange program. In general, this kind of motivation letter is similar in many respects to a statement of purpose or admission essay as the main question you will have to answer is “Why do you want to participate in the program?”. In addition, according to Personal Statement Writers, you will need to be genuinely convincing in your attempts get considered as a possible candidate. Keeping in mind the purpose of your paper while writing it will surely help you make your motivation letter a winning one. Personal Statement Writers believe that each student exchange program motivation letter should include the following information:

  • Brief info about your background (classes you took/enrolled in, your interests, hobbies, etc.) it should be around 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Explanation of your reasons for choosing this program and explain how it will help you to reach your future objectives, – 1 paragraph.
  • In addition, in your motivation letter you should state why you should considered as a perfect candidate for this exchange program and how you can contribute to the university you are applying to.

More Advice on Student Exchange Motivation Letter Writing

student exchange motivation letter advicePersonal Statement Writers wants to provide you with some useful advice as to what information to include in your student exchange program motivation letter. In order to make your motivation letter effective, try to demonstrate knowledge and interest about the host country as it will show that you are an eager, interested and motivated candidate. In addition, while writing your motivation letter try to mention how the knowledge you gain during the program will contribute and impact your personal life, future career, an academic goal as well as success at university and the local community. According to Personal Statement Writers, you should include objective reasons as to why your participation in the student exchange program will broaden your perspectives.

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