University of British Columbia Admissions

The University of British Columbia, also known as UBC, is a public research university founded in 1908 in British, Columbia. UBC is home to 46,040 undergraduate students and 11,035 postgraduate students. The university is most recognized and known for its Academic programs in Clean Energy Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Geological Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Official website:

Admission To-Do List

  • Graduation from college-prep program
  • Four years of English
  • Three Full year senior Academic Subjects
  • Three years of Mathematics
  • SAT I or ACT + Writing
  • Bachelor's degree
  • English Language Requirements
  • Overall average in the B+ range


Writing Supplement:
Applicants must submit a personal statement of approximately 500 words. Directions on the topic of the personal statement will be given when applicants submit the online application. The Personal Statement varies with each curriculum. See more

Application Deadlines

January 15
Winter, Uundergraduate
February 3
Summer, Uundergraduate
Please see for all individual application deadlines
All, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Kim Campbell

Former Canadian PM

Robert Mundell


Advice on Personal Statement for University of British Columbia Admissions

University of British Columbia personal statement should be approximately 750 words long. The essay should be about why the applicant feels as though they are qualified from the program and why they stand out from other applicants. This is a chance for the applicant to really allow the Admissions Committee a chance to get to know them better. The personal statement should highlight any relevant information about any work, extra curricular activities, or volunteer work they did that relates to the program somehow. The essays should be a truthful representation of the applicant.