University of California, San Diego Admissions

The University of California, San Diego, also known as UCSD, is a is a public research university founded in 1960 in La Jolla, California. It provides education to 23,805 undergraduates and 6,505 graduate students. UCSD is most notable for its Academics in Engineering, International Relations, Management, Music, Pharmacy, Medicine, Oceanography, Economics, Physics, and Computer Engineering.

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Admission To-Do List

  • High school diploma
  • Subject Requirement
  • Scholarship Requirement
  • Examination Requirement
  • GPA 3.0
  • Academic Records
  • Graduate Record Examinations
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Bachelor's degree


Writing Supplement:
All Applicants: How does USD stand out amongst all of the other colleges to which you are applying? (150 Words Max) Freshmen Applicants Only: Please briefly elaborate on one of your activities or work experiences that is most meaningful to you. (150 Words Max) Transfer Applicants Only: How will USD help enhance your educational and professional goals beyond what your current institution currently offers? (150 Words Max) See more

Application Deadlines

November 30
Fall, Undergraduate
December 16
Fall, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Gregory Benford


David Bring

Science Fiction Author

Advice on Personal Statement for University of California, San Diego Admissions

The University of California, San Diego personal statement should be a response to two essay prompts and they should be no more than 1,000 words total. Applicants are allowed to write one shorter essay and one longer essay, as long as they do not go over the maximum word count. It is important that the essays are written in a persuasive manner and that they are proofread thoroughly before submission. It helps to write the essay in a word processing program to locate any errors before the essay is submitted. The personal statement writing advice is to focus on making the content meaningful. Just write the text which we commonly see in admission essays and the statement of purpose. The general term used for such version is called “Copy.” It is all about getting the reader to take action, unlike editorial or other writing. The main objective of the PS writers is to engage or convince the potential admission team towards your message. The University of California personal statements are written by focussing on numerous major elements.