University of Chicago Admissions

The University of Chicago is a private research university that was founded in 1890 in Chicago, Illinois. The university provides education to around 15,000 students, of which 5,000 are undergraduates, and 10,000 being post graduates. UoC is famous for its Sociology, Anthropology, Political science, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Physiology, and English degrees/programs.

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Admission To-Do List

  • Application for Admission
  • Secondary School Report
  • Teachers' Evaluations
  • Test Scores
  • Midyear Report
  • Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Standardized Tests
  • The Statement of Purpose
  • Resume/CV (Optional)


Writing Supplement:
Winston Churchill believed "a joke is a very serious thing." From Off-Off Campus’s improvisations to the Shady Dealer humor magazine to the renowned Latke-Hamantash debate, we take humor very seriously here at The University of Chicago (and we have since 1959, when our alums helped found the renowned comedy theater The Second City). Tell us your favorite joke and try to explain the joke without ruining it. Inspired by Chelsea Fine, Class of 2016 Essay Option 2. In a famous quote by José Ortega y Gasset, the Spanish philosopher proclaims, "Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia" (1914). José Quintans, master of the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division at the University of Chicago, sees it another way: "Yo soy yo y mi microbioma" (2012). You are you and your..? Inspired by Maria Viteri, Class of 2016 See more

Application Deadlines

January 3
Fall, Undergraduate
Deadlines Vary for each Program
Fall, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Ed Asner


Misha Collins


Advice on Personal Statement for University of Chicago Admissions

The purpose of the University of Chicago personal statement is for the readers to be able to learn more about the students. The topic of the essay should be included to help the interview go well. The first paragraph should be an introduction to who you are. The second should let the reader know how you became interested in your field of study, the third paragraph should talk about why this degree is the best choice for you, and the fourth should talk about your long-term goals. Expert personal statement writers know how to include to-the-point info in the document. They can even switch from the actual heading of the article and able to produce the text with no restriction of quantity. The rewriters also do compromise with the quality of work as they write in bulk. So, you can craft it personally. The University of Chicago has the certain criteria for admission that is the submission of the detailed PS. Focus on it.