Uppsala University Admissions

Uppsala University, properly referred to as Uppsala universitet, is a research university founded in 1447 in Uppsala, Sweden. The university is home to 4,000 academic staff, 22,909 postgraduate and undergraduate students, of which 2,401 are working towards doctorate degrees. Uppsala universitet is most recognized for its degree paths in Arts, Theology, Law, Educational Sciences, and Medicine.

Official website: www.uu.se/en

Admission To-Do List

  • Cover sheet
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Transcripts of completed courses and grades
  • Certain countries have specific requirements
  • Proof of English language skills
  • Dissertations and essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Letters of Intent
  • Diploma supplement
  • Record of completed secondary (high school) education
  • University Records
  • Proficiency in English
  • Statement of purpose
  • Proof of identity


Writing Supplement:
A draft proposal of your intended activity at Uppsala University and a personal statement of why you have chosen to apply to Uppsala University. In order for the International Office to better assist with your application it is important that your proposal and personal statement show that you have considered the following What is the future benefit for your home institution? What is the future benefit for you on a personal level? How can you contribute to the development of Uppsala University (joint research, teach classes/seminars etc.)? The match of scientific interests between you and the hosting department at Uppsala University. Here you can find a list of all research departments at the university. They publish information on their current research as well as publications. See more

Application Deadlines

January 15
Autumn, undergraduate
January 15
Autumn, graduate

Famous Graduates

Carl Linnaeus

Botanist, physician

Niklas Zennström

co-founder of Skype

Advice on Personal Statement for Uppsala University Admissions

The Uppsala University personal statement should be a written essay on why the applicant wants to study at Uppsala. The personal statement should demonstrate a clear understanding on what the applicant feels they will benefit from their home institution, their future benefit for their own personal level, how they can contribute to the development of Uppsala University joint research, teaching classes, and seminars. The committee suggests that the applicant take their time writing their essay so that it is truthful, unique, and helps them get a better understanding of who the applicant really is.