Washington University in St Louis Admissions

The Washington University in St. Louis, also known as WUSTL, is a private research university founded in 1853 in  St. Louis, Missouri. The university provides education to 7,303 undergraduate students and 6,814 postgraduate students. WUSTL is most notable for its studies and degrees in Medicine, Architecture, Law, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Design and Visual arts.

Official website: wustl.edu

Admission To-Do List

  • Some programs have specific course requirements
  • Test Scores
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Final Report
  • Midyear Report
  • Portfolio
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Essay
  • Counselor and teacher recommendations
  • Transcripts grades and class rank


Writing Supplement:
The personal statement or statement of purpose often, an application essay for most Master's and Ph.D. programs should in fact be more of the latter. It should describe who you are as an individual from an academic and professional standpoint-and your purpose in going to graduate school-more than it shares about you personally. (This is different from a law or medical school application). See more

Application Deadlines

January 15
Fall, Undergraduate
December 1 through January 15
Fall, graduate

Famous Graduates

Tennessee Williams


Peter Sarsgaard


Advice on Personal Statement for Washington University in St Louis Admissions

The Washington University in St. Louis personal statement should be an accurate description of the applicant, including an academic and professional standpoint, and the purpose for choosing the desired area of study. Before the applicant begins to write their essay, it is important that they think about what they want to write about first. It helps for the applicant to write about what interests and excites them because this helps the Committee get to know the applicant on a more personal level. It is not necessary to make the essay humorous, although some gentle humor is okay. When writing the personal statement, try to pay attention to the instructions and nature of message to end up in creating the valuable content. The ending results would be best beyond your imaginations. It is not like that an experienced writer can come up with a more creative idea. The Washington University in St. Louis has the criteria to submit the PS along with the other documents. This is why you can make the way to this university.