Yale University Admissions

Yale University is a private Ivy League research university, founded in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut. The third oldest institution in the country provides education to 11,732 students, both graduate and undergraduate studies are offered. The university is famous for The Yale University Art Gallery, which is in possession of some of the rarest and most prized art in the world today, totaling over 180,000 works.

Official website: www.yale.edu

Admission To-Do List

  • Transcript(s)/Academic Records (GRE)(GMAT)(SAR)
  • Personal Statement of Purpose
  • Summary of Science Grades
  • Department or Program Degree
  • Application
  • Graduate
  • Mid-Year Report
  • School Report (includes Transcript and Counselor Recommendation)
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • Common Application and Yale-Specific Questions


Writing Supplement:
A 500-1000 word statement concerning your past work, preparation for the intended field of study, relevant background and interests, academic plans, and career objectives is required. It should be used to describe your reasons for applying to the particular Yale department or program. This statement may assist the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study. See more

Application Deadlines

December 31
Spring, Undergraduate
April 15
Fall, Graduate

Famous Graduates

Lewis Nixon

Army Officer

David Humphreys

Aid of General Washington

Advice on Personal Statement for Yale University Admissions

The Yale University personal statement should be one 250-word essay on the applicant's topic of choice, and a second personal statement highlighting aspects of academic and personal background that might be interesting to the admission committee. The first essay is a demonstration of the applicant's writing ability, personality, analytical abilities, and writing skills. The second essay should focus on why the applicant chooses that area of study. It is important to start working on the essay early. The essay should be original and thoroughly proofread before submission. The advice to write the best personal statements is numerous to count. First of all, you don’t need to be overconfident about personal writing skills. It is always encouraging to consider yourself a student even you know how to write the personal statement properly. The personal statements can either make or break your chances of success. The Yale University requires you to write the commendable PS for the excellent ultimate results. Write it in an ideal manner.