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Diversity Statement for Job Application Example

What Is a Diversity Statement for a Job Application

A diversity statement is where you address all your skills and knowledge about how privilege and power can create a barrier for social minorities. It is a paper where you explain how you can avoid creating those barriers for others, and how you can help to contribute to the diversity of the work environment.

It is different from the personal statement as in a diversity statement for a job application, you will have to illustrate your past experiences and personal stories to help the reader understand that you can work in a multicultural environment while helping promote diversity.

The main focus here is to acknowledge your privilege and to convince the reader that you can work in a diverse job environment. Thus, a diversity statement for a job application does not have to be a personal statement. Here, instead of writing about your career background, you will have to address other points. For example:

  • The main focus of your diversity statement is not yourself. You should write about how you have helped in the past create a more diverse environment.
  • While the personal statement may contain some personal experiences to support your skills, the diversity statement must contain them. The main argument should revolve around them to help the reader picture how you can work in a multicultural environment.
  • If you are applying for a job in academia, you will have to tell how does your diversity statement helps to promote diversity.

Making a Diversity Statement for Job Opportunities

It’s important to create a thoughtful, concise and precise diversity statement with the help of the professional personal statement writers because you need to catch the attention of the person reading it. In this case, a diversity statement for a job application should be straight to the point and professionally made. For your reference, here is a diversity statement for job application example that you should look at.

This sample of diversity statement should be your guide to make a good impression on a job application that you will apply for. Besides reading a strong diversity statement for job application example, you can also make sure to follow these steps. This list will help you create the best diversity statement for your job application. Check them out:

  • First of all, write down all the examples you may think when you helped to promote diversity. Having them at can help you add them more easily to your paper.
  • Try to answer how have you helped to contribute diversity on your work or your everyday life. Use personal stories to illustrate your answer.
  • Pay extra attention to how you use the word diversity. Make quick research before writing your paper to see how it should be used.
  • Mention your personal commitment to promoting diversity. Explain with anecdotes and stories the things you do every day to encourage diversity.
  • Avoid being too personal. The diversity statement is about acknowledging your privilege but the main focus should be on the things you do to contribute to diversity in the workplace.
  • Use plain language when writing it. Avoid wordiness and slang. Remember that it is a serious paper, so you will have to treat the reader with respect.
  • If you are applying for different jobs, do not use the same diversity statement for every application. Modify it according to the place you are sending it.
  • Last but not least, always remember to revise and proofread your diversity statement. It will help you make sure there are no typos, that the information is relevant, and that you have linked coherently all the paragraphs.

Diversity Statement for Job Application Example

Here is one of the few diversity statement examples that you should look at for reference.

My name is Mark Collins, a certified Public Accountant, and a fresh graduate from UC- Santa Cruz. I am writing with the intention to fill in the position as an Accounting Clerk in your auditing firm. I have been told by a colleague that your accounting firm is a notable one with a sizeable clientele in the Greater Los Angeles area, and I am very much interested to venture into an employment opportunity with your respective office.

Although I may not have the significant amount of experience that a lot of employees may have, I have been trained in many accounting programs, both in the academe and through multiple internships. I have been able to maintain a high GPA throughout my university years and I’ve also been able to get good recommendations from previous internships that I have completed. I was able to gather a sizeable amount of experience balancing sheets, understanding the ins and outs of business, managing payroll schemes and doing liquidation reports in a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

When I was younger, I aimed to look for a career that would make me contribute to a better world. I think that my aspiration to belong in the world of accountancy is my answer. I can inspire good business practice through my work, become a better individual through honesty and professionalism and most of all learn to become a better accountant by taking the time to hone my skills every time I am tasked to do a job. If you consider my application, you will see that I am a driven and motivated accountant, and you will definitely not regret hiring me.

What You Should Avoid in Your Diversity Statement

To make sure you write a strong diversity statement, there are some things you should avoid. If you have been reading some diversity statement examples, you may have seen that there are things they do not include. Thus, making sure yours do the same is vital to ensure it is a strong and powerful diversity statement. Otherwise, you may end with a poorly-written statement that will not get you the results you were looking for. These are some of the things you should avoid writing on your statement. Check them out:

  • Do not use the same information that is on your resume. Your diversity statement is not about your work history, but how you help to promote diversity.
  • Do not make yourself the main focus of your statement. This is not a personal statement, so you will have to take a step back and avoid writing the entire piece about yourself.
  • Do not use terminology wrong. Make sure you do quick research in advance and see how does the term diversity, privilege, minority, to mention a few, are used.
  • Do not use slang when writing your statement. You may think that jargon can help you connect with the reader, but it will do quite the opposite. Only use formal language and respect the person who will be reading your statement.

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