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Explaining Low GRE Scores in Personal Statement: Steps to Take

For anyone who has a low GRE score there are some things they would want to know about how to address low GRE scores in a personal statement. Same goes with low MCAT score personal statementSome of them would even ask, that is, should I bring up low GRE scores in personal statement. You see when it comes to writing a personal statement it is good to be sincere and at the same time portray your strengths so you don’t miss out on your shot. There are a lot that is involved in writing a low GRE score personal statement and if all these features and factors are not placed right, the personal statement would not be well written.

Other questions that people ask include what can I put in my personal statement about low GRE scores or should I address low GRE scores in my personal statement. These and other questions are what this article would try to answer, so you would know that you can get it right with writing a low GRE personal statement. Below we would look at some of the benefits and format of a well written personal statement but that is not the only goal of this article.

Benefits of a Well Written Low GRE Personal Statement

The singular most important benefit of a well written GRE personal statement is that it can get you a successful admission. The reason is because it would do well in explaining low GRE scores in personal statement. What you must realise about getting into a school with a poor GRE scores is that even though it is not easy as it would have been if you had a high score, it is not impossible to do.

There are a lot of people who have gotten into the schools of their choice with a bad GRE grade and the personal statement was a major contributing factor to that. This means that all you need do is to understand how to address this poor score in a personal statement. Other benefits of a well written personal statement include:

  • It helps you ahead of an interview
  • It gives you a shot despite your poor scores
  • It reveals the reason for your low grades
  • It is personal and it can help you relate in a personal way to the institution

These are some of the other benefits of a well written personal statement that will help you address weak scores in application.У

Explaining Low GRE Scores in Personal Statement: Format

The next thing that we would consider here is the format of bad GRE grade personal statement. Generally, it should follow the following pattern:

  • It should have a catchy introduction, an enlightening body, and an appealing conclusion
  • It should have legible fonts add simple formatting
  • It should have about 4 to 5 paragraphs
  • It should be about 500 words or 4000 characters in length
  • It is always great for it to be simple and straight to the point
  • Each paragraph should contain about 5 simple sentences
  • The body must be key in explaining poor GRE grades in personal statement

These are some of the key points to note regarding how to write low GRE score personal statement.

Facts about GRE

So what are the facts at GRE scores and what is the noise that people make about this scores? Well, generally these scores correspond to grading like an A+, A-, B+, B-; scores that represent anywhere from 4.5 to 3. Anyone with a score of 4 is usually safe and would most likely get a placement all other factors being good. While someone with a score of 3 may likely get a placement but just barely. So if 4.5 and 4 are regarded as the safe zone, and 3.5 is regarded as the okay zone, 3 would then be regarded as the barely there zone.

facts about gre

This now begs the question of what happens to those with scores of 2.5 and 2. These are the scores that are termed as low scores and they are usually not good enough. This does not mean you cannot get in with them it just means your chances are much slimmer. Well, this is why they would need their personal statement to be written very well as this is one of the things that would give them an edge if they are ever going to get into the institution of their choice with low GRE scores.

What Сan I Put in My Personal Statement about Low GRE Scores: Tips

The next thing that we would look at here is the tips on how to address low scores in personal statement. Below are 5 of them:

  1. You must state clearly the reason for your low GRE score, it could be family, illness or financial
  2. You must be able to show that you would do better as a student
  3. You must be able to prove that the score does not reveal your real state or knowledge
  4. You must be able to state additional skills and academic knowledge that you have acquired
  5. One of the ways is to get a professional to do it for you. This is because you are too close to the story and even if it is your story it helps to have a professional write if for you.

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Reason to Choose Our Services

We have stated above that it helps to use professional services and the next question would be why us. First, we have a money back guarantee but we also deliver on our word. We have helped many students to get a placement with bad grades by proving them with the ideal personal statement for this. What is more is that we are dedicated and our professional writers are committed to not just relating to your story or experience but making you one of our success stories.

From the aforementioned, it is clear that it is possible to get a placement even with low GRE scores and one of what you need is a well written low GRE score personal statement.

Now you know some of the ways that you can employ to explaining low GRE scores in personal statement and how to write one.