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An advertising personal statement is a display of the utmost creativity. It’s a perilous combination of provocation and art – and it’s evident that a lot of applicants for advertising programs feel lack of inspiration while writing their advertising personal statements. If you also get worried, calm down! Personal Statement Writers are always by your side with a piece of advice ready to help with any request- we offer an advertising personal statement sample for your review.


Advertising Personal Statement

Advertising is the art of representing and interpreting, the art of senses and feelings. Being a part of this industry has always been my cherish wish since my teenage, when I read a wonderful book of Jim Collins “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t”, which opened my eyes. I understood that the most important thing is to think differently and creatively, finding new ways of doing the same things.
Commercials of Virgin airlines, as well as the other ones of the Richard Branson’s group, inspired me to do the first leap and plunge into the marvelous world of advertising. When studying at college, I participated in different contests for young advertising enthusiasts and took prizes several times. Also, I was an active member of the college newspaper, and worked as an advertising agent. It was the time when I finally realized that advertising is not a work, it is a vocation.

Advertising is a sphere where psychology, marketing and the ability to persuade people merge with creative thinking and produce the unique product. Whatever it is, a commercial on TV, billboard banners on the streets or banners at the Internet, they bring information to the customer and help customers to find appropriate service or product.

Now I’m applying to the School of Advertising of the University XX to start the way of metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The School of Advertising is one of the most famous schools, concentrated on advertising only, and it trains people well. Having a Bachelor degree in advertising is not the only aim for me, I’d rather go further and complete my MA, then go straight to working on the PhD dissertation. I know that it is a long journey, but I believe that when you do the best, you finally get what you want.

My main aim is to serve society, helping people to find anything they want. Today many people waste their time looking for the suitable and interesting products in the shopping malls and in supermarkets. I believe if they could see the honest advertising, they could waste less time and find the product, they need quicker. Thus, I’d like to set my feet towards creating interesting and honest advertising. My aim is to see our world free of any lies and full with quality information about products and services.

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