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Computer Programming is a field with many career options. It is a highly demanded job position and not many students are pursuing this degree. The demand is higher than the supply. However, that does not mean that this program is not popular. Quite the contrary, actually. Many students are applying to enroll in a Computer Programming course, and here’s where the expert personal statement services can help. The reason? They will surely land a job after graduation, helping them to pay their students loans faster. Also, on average, programmers earn more than the average US salary.

Having said that, there are different specialties within this program. As a Computer Programmer, you can specialize in web development, software engineering, or data analysis. Each one of them requires you to know a different programming language. If all of this sounds exciting, and we are sure it does, take a look at these top ten colleges where you can study Computer Programming:

Computer Programming Personal Statement

Computer Programming could be intimidating but there is something that makes it very interesting. There are a lot of different programming languages you can choose from. Visual Basic is popular because the interface is more user-friendly. A regular person who’s not into programming can change the display settings by looking at the set of options displayed on the right. C++ and Assembly Language are harder to understand since everything you can see is a bunch of codes that only programmers will understand. Artificial Intelligence is ruled by the creativity of programmers. I am greatly impressed with how amazing the human brain is to develop something that can work without manual operation. Computers are going to rule the world in the coming years and we are hoping this is going to be for the better. Computers work better and execute faster compared to humans, you do not need to feed them and they do not need to rest. Huge companies are not resorting to automated systems to save on salary expenses and to become more efficient and productive.

A lot of kids are keen on computer games and as they graduate high school their enjoyable experience makes them more interested in the computer programming field. They usually get the idea from the games they used to play and would want to innovate the game, maybe drop the features that they didn’t like and add ones that are better.

Besides developing games, website programming is also a huge industry today. Almost every household has a computer right now; some even have more than one. It is very easy to reach people online. Companies have their own websites to get in touch better with consumers. As computer programmers, you develop a website for them and use your creativity to showcase the company’s products and make an interactive tool for them as well. This helps the business operate better and it generates more income as well.

It takes a lot of patience to study computer programming. It is similar to studying a whole new language, but maybe a bit easier. There are mathematics and physics involved and if you are good at these subjects, then this job could be best for you.

When picking a career, you have to consider if your interest is in that field. It is hard to become productive when you do not like what you do. There are a lot of factors to consider and you have to check each one since you will be spending a lot of your time doing your job.

The Structure of a Computer Programming Personal Statement

As we mentioned before, Computer Programming is a highly popular degree. Many students decide to apply to enroll in this course each year. And it is said that this number will continue to increase in the future. With that in mind, you will need to ensure you submit a strong application. Apart from aiming at having high scores, you should also write a strong personal statement. A winning personal statement has a specific structure.

It is composed by a strong introduction, where you introduce your motives for applying to that course, the main body, where you answer the question, and a memorable conclusion, where you reinstate why you are a strong candidate. Besides using this structure, you should also include the relevant information that the admission committee is looking for. Take a look at what they want to read in your paper:

  • You should include your academic and personal accomplishments that have prepared you to enroll in that course
  • Explain your strongest skills so that you can say why you are a strong and unique candidate
  • Your career goals as they will show if you will be able to finish your degree
  • The admission committee will also like to see if you can express your thoughts clearly. Use adequate terminology if necessary to showcase your expertise in the field

Learn How to Create an Impressive Computer Programming Personal Statement

Now that you know what you should include in your Computer Programming personal statement, you can start writing your paper. There are many ways in which you can create an impressive personal statement. However, not all of them can help you express your thoughts clearly. If you think that you have average writing skills, which most of us have, here are some tips you can use to create your personal statement. Take note of them:

  • Before you start writing your personal statement, you should read the question several times. Make sure that you understand what they are asking you to write about.
  • Investigate the school and the program you want to enroll in. This can help you align your motives with the school values giving you extra points
  • Brainstorm interesting facts about yourself so that you can choose the ones you want the admission committee to know about you.
  • Create an outline so that you can organize your answer to the question. Ensure that you are including all the relevant details that the admission committee wants to read.
  • Write your personal statement following your outline to make sure that you do it coherently.
  • Revise your paper once you have finished writing it. Remember that you need to submit a flawless personal statement with no mistakes or errors.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you want to be sure that you are submitting a winning personal statement, there are some mistakes you should avoid. Editing your paper once you have finished writing it, can help notice if you have made them. A big mistake you should avoid at all costs, do not copy ideas you have read in a computer programming personal statement sample. You can use an online example as a guide and get an idea of how to structure your paper. However, you should never copy the ideas or phrases from someone else.

This is plagiarism and can affect your application in a negative way. Another mistake you need to avoid doing is talking poorly about yourself. Your personal statement writing should be positive and optimistic. You need to talk about your strengths rather than your weakness. Not addressing the question is also a mistake you cannot make. To avoid it, you will need to follow the writing steps carefully so that you can be sure you are including all the necessary information you need to add.

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How Does a Winning Computer Programming Personal Statement Look Like?
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  • It shows how the program would benefit from having you as a student
  • Grammatical impeccability, logical & smooth flow, comprehensive structure - these are must-haves
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