High School Personal Statement Sample

High School Personal Statement SampleThere are several reasons why we have included high school personal statement samples. Students who are trying to apply to college or university might these high school personal statement examples before they begin writing their own. High school senior students planning to apply to college will want to work on developing their personal statement in advance. Some types of programs also require regular secondary students to provide a personal statement as a part of their application. While it might sound unnecessary, personal statement examples for high school students are in demand and we want to provide them from reference. Feel free to browse through our section of personal statement examples for high school students, and use them for your reference.

High School Personal Statement Sample

Those wishing to understand the experiences of high school students without actually considering the viewpoint of students will present a highly subjective and biased perspective. High school should not be treated as a sociology experiment that involves various clearly defined variables. This tends to eliminate any room for qualitative descriptions and reduces individuals into statistics. However, this is what happens most of the time and results in misunderstanding between adults and young adults. People as in high school or in any instance in their lives tend to resort to schemas, labelling and stereotypes. When I began my junior year, everyone called me a nerd because I wore glasses and showed a passion for learning. I was immediately branded an activist when I worked on a volunteer service project the year earlier. I was a band geek in my freshman year. It never seemed like I could escape this label assigned to me by most of the student body and so I began to attach less meaning to these social stigmas and instead focused on personal growth and self-improvement. These aspects are far more important than anything else that people talk about when they mention high school. Maybe its unfortunate that no one realizes that their high school years will both define them for the rest of their life and or result in negative consequences. I have decided to focus on achievements, career development and academic success. I am an individual with my own unique personality, my own person and for that I am proud.

Who Might Need a Personal Statement Sample

A high school personal statement sample is perfect for:

  • secondary students who need samples to get into special programs
  • students trying to make it into special schools
  • high school graduates making their way into college
  • applicants for various gifted placement programs.

Check more personal statement examples:  we are sure that you will find some useful ideas in our undergraduate personal statement sample. Our writers are ready to work with both high school and college students to produce an outstanding personal statement.

Make use of high school personal statement examples and let your story be told!