Law School Personal Statement Sample

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Law School Personal Statement

Some say that laws are created to be broken, but I disagree with this statement completely. Personally, I tend to believe that law is an inseparable part of our lives without which the normal existence of our society would be impossible. In my opinion, the basic knowledge of this discipline is a must for everyone who wants to survive in the nowadays world.I have always been fascinated by law. Even when I was about 10 years old The Constitution of the United States for kids was the only book that could keep me entertained. I’ve read it from one end to the other several times and, after doing so, decided to become a lawyer when I grow up. Later at school, I focused on the subjects which are anyhow related to law: law itself, political science, economy, etc. I received A for all the subjects during my exams which can easily be checked by looking at my GCSE which is enclosed.I am determined to study jurisprudence further at university in order to deepen my knowledge and use them for helping others in my future career. I want to help others to overcome the ignorance in the law sphere, thus, I am dreaming of becoming a legal advisor.I’ve started searching for a university to study at long before my graduation and stopped my choice on the X University for several main reasons. First of all, I strongly feel that the curriculum of the course is perfect for me as it includes various subjects of different branches of law. I am looking forward to acquiring this knowledge and taking advantage of each opportunity to the full.Secondly, the course offered is very appealing to me because of the available sources and facilities which would enable me to get a well-rounded education. Moreover, being surrounded by students from different countries while living on campus will give me a chance to get a better understanding of their mentality and, therefore to understand the international law better. In addition, being an active member of students communities I feel that I will be able to make some contributions to university life as well.I consider myself as a highly self-motivated, independent and purposeful person.

I always know what I want and do my best in order to get it. During my school years, I used to be a monitor of my class, so I am not afraid of taking the initiative and being responsible for the group. Apart from my interest in the science of law, I have others as well. I am interested in literature, classical music and photography. Sport is an important part of my life as well. I have been one of the leading players in my school’s football team and will gladly continue playing at X university doing my best to make my team win!In general, I believe that studying X course at X university will help in developing as a professional legal advisor which will give me the opportunity of helping others understand the power that regulates their lives better. I feel that I will easily fit into this course and hope that you will find me the right candidate!

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  • admissions in Master of Jurisprudence
  • Master of Laws admissions
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