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The majority of students who require writing a personal history statement will find themselves in a few certain groups. On one hand, they might be communications students. They may need to order a personal history statement example because they’re traveling or going to another school. In fact, international students tend to order more personal history statement sample material than domestic ones. That being said, professional writers will prepare a sample personal history statement in fluent written English. That makes it perfect for those who might struggle with the language, but it also means that no one needs to worry about inferior authorship either.

Personal History Statement Sample

Crime, war and environmental destruction are sadly the things that most people associate with our progressively shrinking world these days. I’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that people will be given something else to think about when they think about cosmopolitan internationalism. When I was in foreign language class back in high school, I volunteered to always help out exchange students.
There was a committee that handled those sorts of things, but they were always rather slow about actually getting on top of things. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of acting outside of their jurisdiction, but rather than break the rules I ran for the head position. Much to my surprise, I was actually granted it despite the fact that I’d made a name for myself criticizing it. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t afraid to stand up and say that something wasn’t going right that I was eventually chosen for this.
Regardless of the reasons that I was chosen for the post, I trust that it has prepared me to work with through the rest of this university program. After all, I have ended up with a good deal of experience in the way of international communications. That’s something that’s extremely useful when attempting to work with a global communications degree program. While I’m not going to say that it’s going to be easy, I do trust myself to take this sort of work seriously. That’s what my personal history has taught me to do more than anything else.

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A personal history statement example works well for:

  • Students signing up for exchange programs
  • International students
  • Students going into the humanities
  • Communications students
  • Applicants who need to submit a mini-resume to their school of choice.

How to Write an Outstanding Personal History Statement

A personal history statement has to be a perfect portrait of yourself. It has to describe your strongest skills so that the admission board can decide if you are a good fit for them, or not. You will have to write about the decisions that you made to study that program. But, to make the most of your personal history statement, you will have to make sure it is well-written. You can read a personal history statement example to get an idea of how you should do it. To complement it, you can read these useful tips we have listed. They will help you write an outstanding personal history statement. Check them out:

  • Your personal history statement has to be a portrayed of yourself. It has to describe your skills, your background, and any social circumstances that have lead to take this decision.
  • It has to be written with proper language avoiding slangs and clichés. Since it is an academic essay, make sure you respect the reader. Think about who will be reading your essay and write your paper with that in mind.
  • Address all the main points. Read what the admission board wants to read on your personal history statement, and tailor your answers to that.
  • Include the experiences you have had through your life that lead you to apply to that particular course. It can be cultural, social, or academic.
  • Describe any relevant academic achievements you have had. This will help you differentiate your application from the rest of the candidates.
  • Remember to proofread and edit your personal history statement example. If you do not do it, you may submit an essay with typos and your application can be affected by it.

The Structure of a Personal History Statement

Your personal history statement should follow a basic structure to ensure it delivers the message effectively. Following a structure can also help you ensure the reader understands your message and that they connect with your story. If you look for a well-written personal history statement sample you will see it has three main sections. Each one of them contains relevant information that creates, in conjunction, a winning personal history statement. This is the structure you should follow. Make sure you keep these page at hand when writing your essay, it will help you answer some doubts that you may have when writing your personal history statement.

  • Catchy introduction. In the first paragraph you have to introduce yourself and state why are you writing that admission essay.
  • Relevant middle section. Here is where you add relevant information about yourself. Write about your academic background and any work experiences related to the course. Talk about your academic interests, as well as any academic goal you may have. In this section you will have to make sure the admission board sees you as a strong candidate for their program.
  • Strong conclusion. Finish your personal history statement with a powerful conclusion where you acknowledge the reader. But avoid using clichés as they will bring down your personal history statement.

The Features of a Personal History Statement

A personal history statement is a brief introduction about yourself. It contains the cultural, academic, social, and familiar experiences that push you to pursue that degree. It is an essay that will help the school understand how does your background can help to add diversity to the college. If you look at our sample personal history statement you will see it contains information about how the student worked in a multicultural environment and how did they help promote diversity. However, bear in mind that a personal history statement is not an autobiography. So you will only need to pick one or two traits to develop. Here are some interesting facts about a personal history statement that will help you write one. Check them out:

  • A personal history statement should include any social, cultural, familiar or academic experience that helped you make the decisions you have taken.
  • It is an additional essay for your application that will help the admission board get to know you better.
  • Through this essay, the academic staff will be able to see how can you help promote diversity.
  • It has to be brief, and explain thoroughly your personal background.

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How Does a Winning History Personal Statement Look Like?
  • It presents your skills, achievements and expertise in the chosen area
  • It demonstrates your transferable skills, uniqueness and great ambitions
  • It shows how the program would benefit from having you as a student
  • Grammatical impeccability, logical & smooth flow, comprehensive structure - these are must-haves
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