Pharmacy Personal Statement

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Pharmacy Personal Statement

When mother died of cancer this inspired the desire to become involved in a field that studies fatal diseases and attempts to develop cures for them. With an in inherent passion for both chemistry and biology, the skills I will acquire as a pharmacy student will enhance my clarity and understanding behind the chemistry of medicines and how they work. The links between chemical and health sciences are even more interesting to me than compounding and dispensing medications. As an employee of Wexham Park Hospital’s pharmacy department, I gained an intimate knowledge of practical pharmacy in a real world situation. Daily ward rounds with the head of the Pharmacy Department taught me necessary patient interaction skills. I learned how to approach patients, which is an invaluable skill that will certainly benefit my career as a pharmacist. Analysis of patient charts and determination of appropriate dosage levels for virtually any medicine have served to deepen my passion for this branch of health sciences. Also working part-time at a local shop (Mark and Spencer’s) has offered me financial independence and developed my self-confidence.
Whenever possible, I enjoy many diverse extracurricular activities. I assist with after school events in the Science Department of the University of San Diego. My participation allows me to give back to contribute to my community’s development and I find this to be a particularly enjoyable experience. I enjoy playing basketball and taught myself to play classical guitar. Playing the guitar requires determination, patience and an open mind. My musical endeavors have taught me to absorb new information and to analyze problems from the perspective of another individual. While teaching myself to read music, I recognized an increased retention of new material. This skill will be extremely beneficial as I complete my education as a pharmacist. Also, I am an avid reader of mystery novels. I also exercise my observational and problem solving skills on a regular basis by paying attention to every detail in a particular task. My excellent communication skills, leadership abilities and team work are evidenced by participation in leadership conferences. These conferences helped me acquire the skills to cope with adverse situations and determine the best course of action for those involved. This was very beneficial in the handling of family issues after my mother passed away. I came through this devastating event having gained the wisdom to remain strong and positive despite adverse conditions. I know that as a pharmacist, with my life skills, love for learning and problem solving capabilities, I will make a positive difference as a pharmacist.

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