Public Policy Study Personal Statement

A public policy degree focuses on the study and critical analysis of how the government implements certain policies to address the citizens concerns. It has different divisions like health care policy, social policy, etc. Studying a program in public policy has a lot of advantages, and it also requires a personal statement writing when applying. If you decide to enroll in this course, you will graduate with many new skills. For example, you will be able to know how to mediate between political conflicts, as well as to be able to analyze and draft new public policies.

Among its benefits, you will also have a wide range of career options. Once you finish the program, you will be able to work in private and public organizations, think tanks, academia, and many more! If you have decided to enroll in a public policy degree, chances are you are already looking for options. To help you with your quest, here is a list with 10 public policy programs you can enroll. Click on each name to go to the site and read all the information about it.

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Public Policy Study Personal Statement

“I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper.
Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.”
Benjamin Franklin

This is one of the most famous sayings of Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was not only politician, diplomat, and statesman, he was an honorable polymath, a satirist, an inventor, a scientist – the list can be continued. However, the most important thing, Benjamin Franklin was a very wise man, who could see the problems of society and offer the ways of their solution. Inevitably, his ability to do prominent things made him a successful career in public policy. Benjamin’s wisdom and deep knowledge of social processes enabled him to change history and to be one of the founders of the great country, the USA.
Unbelievably, no one taught little Benjamin the public policy study, but the books he read a lot, provided the knowledge of economics, sociology, political economy, policy analysis, public management (as these studies are named today) and others, which are basic components of the public policy study. Being a man of wisdom and a politician at the same time helped Benjamin Franklin to find the directions of the development not only for himself but for the entire country, for everyone. Personally, Benjamin Franklin is a model and an idol for me, he is a person who inspired me to go straight to the aim. His autobiography remains my guide throughout the life for a long time already. Therefore, my choice of the college, particularly the College of Public Affairs and Policy was a considered decision. I realize that it is only the first step on the long way to a successful political career. I’d like to do the next steps in this field in the University XX, being a part of the School of Public Policy and International Affairs. After seeing the staff and browsing internship opportunities, I have to admit, that the University opens up all possible career opportunities to its students. I believe that my background, enthusiasm, and reliability will help me to become one of the best students of the University and start my political career. I’m going to lead a merciless struggle for justice, well-being and the rights of the people. My motto is to do everything I can to follow B. Franklin’s saying “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”

Public Policy Personal Statement

This personal statement for public policy will perfectly suit for:

  • Applications in public administration degrees
  • Admissions in public affairs degrees
  • Applicants for Master level in Public Policy
  • PhD admissions in Public Policy
  • Applications to public policy schools

A Guide to Write a Winning Public Policy Study Personal Statement

Deciding to enroll in a public policy program is a big step. And to complicate things a little bit more, you have to make sure you meet the requirements that the college or university requires every applicant to have. Thus, besides turning in all the necessary documents for your application, you also have to write a public policy study personal statement. The personal statement is one of the most important papers for your application. It is the one that will help you stand out from the competition. Thus, you will have to make sure you write a strong one. To help you write one, here is a useful guide we have listed. Check these points before you start writing your personal statement.

  • Read a well-written public policy study personal statement sample. It will help you see the structure you need to follow, and the points you need to address.
  • Open your personal statement with a strong and unique sentence. You have to catch the reader’s attention from the beginning.
  • Make sure you only add relevant information. You only have to write things that are specific to the course.
  • Answer the question why do you want to enroll in the course, and what things can you bring to the program, with strong evidence and personal stories.
  • Include any award or extracurricular activity you may have done that is relevant to the course.
  • Always treat the reader with respect and use plain language. Do not write any slang or complex sentences. You do not want to lose the reader in the middle of a phrase.
  • When you finish writing your personal statement, do not forget to proofread it. This will help you make sure there are no typos or mistakes on your text.

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