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NYU Personal Statement Writing Help

New York University Guidelines

For the 2018-2019 years, the requirements are pretty much the same. NYU recommends that your NYU personal statement includes information about yourself. It should be an essay where you explain your academic interests and background, and any relevant ideas or experiences that helped you develop those interests. Your personal statement should be a 1,000 essay written in an objective voice. Thus, avoid slang and cliches. Get in touch with our personal statement writers for any issue you need to solve.

NYU recommends that you take your time when filling out your application form. Check that you have all the documents necessary and that your personal statement is relevant and well-written. For this, you will have to read your essay out loud and see if the sentences make sense. Make sure that you also write down key dates, like deadlines. Meeting deadlines is vital for your application. NYU currently has three different application deadlines for first-year undergraduates.

For the current academic year, NYU has a set of admission requirements that you should follow when applying to one of their courses. Make sure you have all the documents ready when you start your application process. These are their admission requirements:

  • Contact details of the school representative who will submit your official high school report
  • Contact details of at least one teacher who will complete the evaluation form
  • Pay the application fee, or submit a fee waiver
  • You will also need your test score
  • A portfolio of your work if you are applying to an artistic course
  • An English test score if you are a non-native English speaker

Interesting Facts on Recent Admission

Applying for college is fierce. There is so much competition that you have to make sure your NYU writing supplement is perfect. Otherwise, you may have to wait one full year to start your application process again. There are some stats that reflect how hard it can be to get into college. Some of them, even reflect the percentage of admitted students.

As you will see on these stats, there are many people enroll in a particular course, but there is also a high rate of applicants that did not enter they preferred course – especially those wanting to study engineering degrees. The reflection on those figures is that you cannot take your application for granted. You will have to make sure that you meet all the requirements, while also ensuring your application essay is a strong one. Check some stats on recent admission here. You can click on each one of them to read the full report:

  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the total enrollment rate for college is expected to increase to 20.5 million between 2018 and 2027.
  • According to Statista, in 2018, 14.8 million students were enrolled in public universities, and 5.13 million in private colleges.
  • But these figures only reflect the number of students that got accepted. According to College Simply, the Polytechnic Institute of NYU only accepted 67% of applicants in 2018.
  • College Simply also published that Whitman College only accepted 51% of applicants in 2018.

Check out Some Previous NYU Application Questions

You may be prompted to:

  • New York University Personal StatementDescribe a trait or characteristic that has been passed along to you by your family. Tell us why you like or dislike this aspect of yourself.
  • You have been selected to sing in a talent show. What song would you choose? Why?
  • Please tell us what led you to select your anticipated academic program and/or NYU school/college, and what interests you most about your intended discipline.
  • New York City is an essential element of academic and cultural life at NYU. If you could engage in an activity or start a club or service organization at NYU, what would it be and how would you envision it impacting the larger community?
  • Please elaborate on one of your activities (extracurricular, personal activities, or work experience)
  • In addition to any work experience that you listed on your application, please tell us how you spent your most recent summer vacation.

Don’t forget to use NYU supplement essay examples to make sure follow a general style.

nyu personal statementWriting a Winning NYU Personal Statement

Your personal statement is the only document in your application that will help you stand out from the competition. Unless you are applying to an art course, which in that case, your portfolio along with your essay will be the two distinctive factors on your application. Learning how to write a winning personal statement does not have to be daunting. You can improve your writing skills with these helpful tips. Make sure you keep them at hand when writing your personal statement and check them while writing your essay.

  • First of all, read several well-written NYU supplement essay examples. They will help you get an idea of how you should structure your paper.
  • Before starting to write your personal statement, create a draft. An outline will help you stick to the relevant points and prevent you from writing nonsense. To do it, you will first have to decide on a topic for your essay and then, you will have to develop it.
  • Write your personal statement with formal and objective language. Respect the reader, and avoid using slang.
  • Remove any empty sentence you may have written. Change them for relevant facts that describe how you end up having those interests and knowledge.
  • Always remember to revise your essay before sending your application. It will help you make sure there are no mistakes on it. You can proofread it by reading it out loud. It will help you catch all the errors you may have made and see if your text make sense.

A Great Essay for a Great University

New York University (official website – is one of America’s largest private, nonprofit institutions of higher education in the United States. It is an active urban global research university with a student population representing all 50 states and more than 130 countries.

nyu personal statement

Below are some brief tips that you should read before applying:

  • nyu personal statementGrades are not everything! If you are worried that you have below average or average GPA or SAT scores, then a great NYU personal statement that get you admitted. NYU is a global campus that is looking for well-rounded, passionate and diverse individuals. Marks are important, but they are not the ultimate deciding factor!
  • nyu supplement essay examplesShow your personality! Demonstrate your uniqueness and creativity in NYU writing supplement. The admissions committee wants to see the person behind the words and assess what you will contribute to the university’s uniqueness.
  • nyu writing supplementExhibit your volunteer or community work! Universities love to see individuals who are ready to engage with community organizations and spend their time doing work for free! Show in your NYU statement of purpose that money or time does not make a difference when it comes to making society better.
  • nyu statement of purposeStudy abroad! If you get a chance, take a trip to another country and discuss the experience in your personal statement!

We Can Help with Your Application to NYU

To assist you with your application, we provide writing and editing services. Our professional writing service is carried out by our team of expert writers. They have many years of experience working with admission papers and know how to craft a winning personal statement. They will follow your requirements and make sure you identify with your paper.

Our team will only deliver original and unique essays. As part of our editing service, our professional editors will do a thorough language check on your paper. They will look for any typo or mistake that may have been made. Once they spotted it, they will correct it.

Our editors will help you take your personal statement to the next level by making sure your essay is ready for submission. Thanks to the expertise and skills of our professional team, we can help you write and edit a wide range of documents, besides your NYU statement of purpose. These are some of the documents our team can help you with:

  • Personal statement
  • Statement of purpose
  • Waiver letter
  • Letter of intent
  • Admission essay
  • Scholarship essay
  • Letter of recommendation

Consider our NYU personal statement writing and editing services! We are here to work with you, for your academic success! Here I come NYU!

Your personal statement is vital in ensuring your future. It is the centerpiece of your application. You cannot afford to take a chance. Secure your university placement today!