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Letter of Intent vs Cover Letter Difference

Different Letters to Express the Abilities and Skills of Applicants

When applying for a job, there are documentations in which the applicants must comply. But with the number of letters needed, sometimes we lose the sense of which is important and not. So the next time you apply for a job, whether online or offline job, it is essential to submit the necessary paper works. You can also seek professional assistance with Personal Statement Writers in order to have a quality letters for your job application. Letter of application is one of the necessary documentation which an applicant must submit. This document will help you supply additional information regarding your skills and job experiences. An effective application letter will describe their basis for the interest of an employment or organization which may be significant for the growth of their abilities.

What Is a Letter of Application

A letter of application is a type of written communication that is mostly used when applying for a job. However, you can also write one if you want to apply for a membership at an exclusive club. Or you can write one if you want to apply for a specific program at a particular school or college. Basically, it is used when applying for something. They are personal letters written by individuals to companies, organizations, clubs, schools, etc.

Its purpose is to communicate your intention of applying to a job, a course, a membership, or any other thing you are applying for. Despite the fact that it can be used in a wide range of contexts, its purpose is the same one. To notify the reader your interest in applying to something. The structure it has to follow is pretty simple. Making sure you use it, will guarantee that the reader understands your intention and your message. Here is the structure you should use when writing your letter of application:

  • Introductory paragraph where you present yourself and mention the purpose of your letter – that you want to apply for a job/program/membership, etc.
  • A second paragraph where you describe your strongest qualities, the ones that make you a suitable candidate.
  • A third paragraph explaining why do you want to join their club, company, or school, depending on the context.
  • A closing sentence, and your signature.

What Is a Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is a type of letter where you state your intention of joining an academic program or applying for a particular position. In academic contexts, this type of letter is delivered as part of your application process. It is a type of essay where you describe your intention of joining their program, and the skills that make you a strong candidate. And it can also be used in different contexts. For example, in real estate, it is used to notify the parties about the purchase intention. It can also be used in business to protect the parties involved in a transaction.

As you can see, its uses are varied, but its purpose is the same. To notify the reader about the intention of the writer. In academia, this means that you will notify the academic board about your eagerness to apply for a particular course. It is a paper that will help you with your application. Regarding the structure you need to use, making sure you follow it will help you ensure the reader understands your message. It will also help you ensure that your letter is coherent and relevant. This is the structure you should follow:

  • A first paragraph where you introduce yourself and mention the reason for your letter.
  • A second paragraph where you mention your accomplishments, awards, and certificates.
  • A third paragraph where you state that you are interested in joining the program, being part of the company, or any other reason why you are writing your letter.
  • A fourth paragraph where you acknowledge the reader, and your signature.

What Is a Cover Letter

A cover letter is another type of letter that is used as part of your application process when you apply for a job. It is sent along with your resume, but it should contain different information than your CV. This type of letter is used to help you stand out from the competition. It is the first document a hiring manager will read about yourself, if they are interested in what they read, they will continue with your resume.

The purpose of the cover letter is to present yourself and to tell the company why you are a good fit for them. However, you should not repeat the same things that are written on your resume. Remember that the purpose of the cover letter is to help your resume, it is an extra tool. There is a basic structure that you need to follow when writing this type of letter. Check it out:

  • First, include your contact details at the top of the page.
  • Write an introductory paragraph where you mention the position you are applying for and where did you find that information.
  • The second paragraph should describe your strongest skills, what can you bring to the company. Why you are a good asset for them.
  • Acknowledge the reader and thank them for their time.
  • Sign your letter.

Different Types of Letters for Different Needs

As you have read above, there are different types of letters that you can write depending on the situation. Each one of them has particular characteristics, although all them have to be written with formal language and following their particular structures. Thus, if you are applying for an academic program, make sure you ask the school the type of letter you need to submit.

When applying for a job, ensure that you write a strong cover letter so that the company grants you an interview. Remember to write things that are not on your resume. It is a letter that will help you present yourself to the company. If you want to notify the interested parties on a business transaction about a purchase, write a letter of intent. Here you will briefly describe the transaction and the purpose of the letter.

In this case, make sure you address all parties properly. And if you want to join a particular club or college program, write a letter of application. Whatever your purpose is, make sure you write the adequate letter for it. Follow the structure that we mention above as it will help you ensure your letter is well-written, coherent, and that it delivers the message the way you intended.

A Basis to Screen out Those Who Lack the Capacity for Basic Skills

Remember that on your application, employers will be looking out for the documentations which will help them identify who will fit best into the position. If you do not have the necessary basic skills, you can ask the help of Personal Statement Writers to supply you the paper work you need.

These personal statement writers are professional themselves and comprehend your pursuit for a job or on your school application. Approval committee will be able to screen out those who are sufficiently interested from those who lack the skills to do the job and so Personal Statement Writers are definitely a great help for your written requirements.

Thanks to the professional team we have, we can help you with different documents. All of them will be crafted especially for you. Thus, you can be sure that we will only deliver original and unique documents. Our team can work with any academic level as they all are specialized in a wide range of areas. These are some of the documents we can help you with:

  • Personal statement to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Admission essay to assist you with your application process
  • Scholarship essay to make sure you get the scholarship you want
  • Letter of intent to notify the reader about your eagerness of joining their program
  • Letter of recommendation to help a student get into their dream college
  • Statement of purpose to help you deliver your message efficiently
  • Waiver letter in case you need to ask for a waiver
  • Cover letter to help your job application
  • Letter of application if you want to join a particular club or program

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